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Day 14 results and day 15 pairings

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Ozeki Kaio had his second strong bout in a row and won against Yokozuna Asashoryu with very strong uwatenage. Ozeki Chiyotaikai passed up earlier with a clear loss against Musoyama on the BIG opportunity to stay in the yusho race and force a playoff. Musoyama still has a lot to fight for tomorrow against Kaio as a loss will mean demotion to Sekiwake for him. Tochiazuma avoided this fate already with a win against Miyabiyama and will stay Ozeki for at least two more basho.

Akinoshima lost to Iwakiyama after a real fight with yoritaoshi and is make-koshi now as the Maku-jiri rikishi which bodes not well for his fate. His only chance is to get a big break from the banzuke gyoji, which isn't entirely out of reach since Takanotsuru, Takanowaka and Shimotori should get demoted already and only Kasuganishiki, Tochisakae and Tamakasuga are good for promotion, possibly Kakizoe with a win tomorrow. But it's unlikely.

In Juryo Tamakasuga passed up on a really big opportunity to win the yusho outright as he had Futeno on the brink of defeat at least twice. But Futeno refused to lose and snatched away the win securing kachi-koshi. Now Tamakasuga has to win one out of possibly two tomorrow against Kakizoe to get the yusho. Tochisakae won in his first real bout after coming back, but his win against Ushiomaru looked more like Aikido. Komahikari got his demotion loss today while Kaito fought good against Kotonomine and has to win tomorrow in as real a Makushita-Juryo exchange bout against Kotoiwakuni as is possible.



Makuuchi yusho arasoi

Two losses Three losses Four losses Five losses Six losses

------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------

Asashoryu Kaio Chiyotaikai Miyabiyama Tochiazuma

Kyokutenho Toki Wakanosato

Aminishiki Buyuzan Tochinonada





Day 14


J13w Kaito (7-7) yorikiri Ms4w Kotonomine (3-4)

J9e Senshuyama (7-7) hatakikomi J10w Kokkai (7-7)

J13e Sumanofuji (2-12) oshitaoshi J7e Harunoyama (7-7)

J11e Futeno (8-6) yorikiri J7w Tamakasuga (11-3)

J12e Toyozakura (8-6) yorikiri J6w Komahikari (2-12)

J6e Kakizoe (10-4) oshidashi J5e Hayateumi (9-5)

J4e Hamanishiki (6-8) yorikiri J12w Gokenzan (4-10)

J9w Oikari (7-7) oshidashi J3w Kobo (6-8)

J5w Wakatoba (7-7) yorikiri J2e Kinkaiyama (7-7)

J3e Tochisakae (9-4-1) tsukiotoshi J2w Ushiomaru (8-6)

J1e Kasuganishiki (9-5) hatakikomi J11w Nakao (7-7)

J8w Wakakosho (6-8) okuridashi J1w Oginishiki (3-5-6)


M15e Asanowaka (8-6) oshidashi M14w Otsukasa (7-7)

J4w Tochinohana (8-6) oshidashi M12w Aogiyama (6-8)

M13w Asasekiryu (8-6) oshidashi M11w Shimotori (4-10)

M13e Yotsukasa (6-8) hatakikomi M10w Wakanoyama (6-8)

M9w Iwakiyama (6-8) yoritaoshi M15w Akinoshima (6-8)

M9e Jumonji (8-6) yorikiri M8w Gojoro (6-8)

M7w Aminishiki (10-4) oshitaoshi M4e Kaiho (5-9)

M8e Tamarikido (7-7) okuridashi M4w Kotonowaka (7-7)

M3e Kyokushuzan (7-7) yorikiri M11e Toki (9-5)

M3w Tamanoshima (7-7) oshidashi M10e Kotoryu (8-6)

M2w Takanonami (6-8) hatakikomi M1e Tochinonada (8-6)

M6e Kasugao (4-10) yoritaoshi M1w Takamisakari (5-9)

M5w Hokutoriki (6-8) oshidashi K1e Tosanoumi (3-11)

K1w Kyokutenho (10-4) yorikiri M12e Buyuzan (9-5)

S1e Wakanosato (8-6) hatakikomi S1w Dejima (7-7)

O2w Tochiazuma (8-6) hatakikomi M5e Miyabiyama (9-5)

O2e Musoyama (7-7) tsukiotoshi O1e Chiyotaikai (10-4)

O1w Kaio (11-3) uwatenage Y1e Asashoryu (12-2)

Day 15


Ms26e Ashu (2-4) Ms10w Kyokunankai (2-4)

Ms23w Daishoma (2-4) Ms8w Daimanazuru (2-4)

Ms8e Yotsuguruma (1-5) Ms13w Oga (1-5)

Ms3e Tomikaze (2-4) Ms12w Daishodai (2-4)

Ms5w Hidenokuni (3-3) Ms1w Masutsuyoshi (3-3)


Ms2e Kotoiwakuni (3-3) J13w Kaito (7-7)

J10w Kokkai (7-7) J9w Oikari (7-7)

J11e Futeno (8-6) J8w Wakakosho (6-8)

J13e Sumanofuji (2-12) J6w Komahikari (2-12)

J6e Kakizoe (10-4) J7w Tamakasuga (11-3)

J5e Hayateumi (9-5) J9e Senshuyama (7-7)

J7e Harunoyama (7-7) J4w Tochinohana (8-6)

J4e Hamanishiki (6-8) J12e Toyozakura (8-6)

J11w Nakao (7-7) J3w Kobo (6-8)

J12w Gokenzan (4-10) J1w Oginishiki (3-5-6)

J1e Kasuganishiki (9-5) J5w Wakatoba (7-7)


J2w Ushiomaru (8-6) M15w Akinoshima (6-8)

M13e Yotsukasa (6-8) J2e Kinkaiyama (7-7)

J3e Tochisakae (9-4-1) M11w Shimotori (4-10)

M10e Kotoryu (8-6) M15e Asanowaka (8-6)

M9e Jumonji (8-6) M14w Otsukasa (7-7)

M10w Wakanoyama (6-8) M8w Gojoro (6-8)

M12w Aogiyama (6-8) M5w Hokutoriki (6-8)

M5e Miyabiyama (9-5) M13w Asasekiryu (8-6)

M12e Buyuzan (9-5) M4w Kotonowaka (7-7)

M4e Kaiho (5-9) M9w Iwakiyama (6-8)

M3e Kyokushuzan (7-7) M8e Tamarikido (7-7)

M3w Tamanoshima (7-7) M2w Takanonami (6-8)

M1e Tochinonada (8-6) M7w Aminishiki (10-4)

M11e Toki (9-5) K1w Kyokutenho (10-4)

K1e Tosanoumi (3-11) M6e Kasugao (4-10)

M1w Takamisakari (5-9) S1w Dejima (7-7)

S1e Wakanosato (8-6) O2w Tochiazuma (8-6)

O2e Musoyama (7-7) O1w Kaio (11-3)

Y1e Asashoryu (12-2) O1e Chiyotaikai (10-4)

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*crosses fingers* Man tonight is the night for Dejima, Please let it happen. Something tells me Kaio will blow it tonight, Musoyama will keep his Ozeki status or Asashoryu will beat him in a playoff. Ofcourse it all could be irrelevant if the Ypkozuna does what he is supposed to and beat Chiyotaikai.

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J8w    Wakakosho (6-8)    okuridashi    J1w    Oginishiki (3-5-6)

Congrats to Wakakosho for continuing his now 16-basho streak of always getting between 6 and 8 wins...I'd say he's the embodiment of "perennial Juryo" these days. (Blinking...)

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