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Day 12 results and day 13 pairings

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Again Asashoryu, Chiyotaikai and Kaio won with the Maegashira filling losing, this time Buyuzan and Toki. Why do I have the feeling that there again won't be many sansho? Kyokutenho looks like the only rikishi really worth of sansho award.

Tomorrow Asashoryu can lean back and see Chiyotaikai fight against Kaio before going on the dohyo against Musoyama. The two kadoban questions are tumbling to their answer as both kadoban Ozeki are 6-6 now, with Tochiazuma having a considerably easier schedule left, but what does "easy" mean with those two Ozeki?

Kyokutenho is the only rikishi with kachi-koshi in the Sanyaku promotion zone so far, so a lot of places are still at stake. Wakanosato should achieve KK though, and if one Ozeki gets demoted, Kyokutenho can't be sure of a Sekiwake slot.

Of the non-injured rikishi no demotions are clear yet, a lot of fighting goes on. Akinoshima resorts to henka against Aogiyama and still needs two wins to get kachi-koshi.

Tamakasuga no leads Juryo with two wins to spare after beating Ushiomaru and Kasuganishiki losing to Kakizoe. Only a loss against Kasuganishiki could inject some suspense into the Juryo yusho race. Tochisakae by the way already returns to the basho tomorrow, and probably will get a free win to seal kachi-koshi as his scheduled opponent Dewanofuji looked quite injured after his loss against Wakakosho.



Makuuchi yusho arasoi

One loss Two losses Three losses Four losses Five losses

------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------

Asashoryu Chiyotaikai Kaio Kyokutenho Wakanosato

Buyuzan Miyabiyama Dejima

Aminishiki Tochinonada

Kotoryu Jumonji


Day 12


J12e Toyozakura (6-6) yorikiri J13w Kaito (6-6)

Ms5e Asahibenten (4-3) uwatenage J12w Gokenzan (4-8)

J10w Kokkai (7-5) oshidashi J11w Nakao (7-5)

J9w Oikari (6-6) oshidashi J13e Sumanofuji (1-11)

J8w Wakakosho (5-7) hatakikomi J10e Dewanofuji (6-6)

J7e Harunoyama (7-5) yoritaoshi J9e Senshuyama (6-6)

J11e Futeno (6-6) yorikiri J6w Komahikari (1-11)

J5e Hayateumi (8-4) yorikiri J4w Tochinohana (7-5)

J4e Hamanishiki (4-8) okuridashi J3w Kobo (5-7)

J7w Tamakasuga (10-2) okuridashi J2w Ushiomaru (8-4)

J6e Kakizoe (8-4) oshidashi J1e Kasuganishiki (8-4)

J5w Wakatoba (5-7) yorikiri J1w Oginishiki (2-4-6)


M15w Akinoshima (6-6) tsukiotoshi M12w Aogiyama (5-7)

M11w Shimotori (3-9) oshidashi J2e Kinkaiyama (6-6)

M13w Asasekiryu (6-6) yorikiri M10w Wakanoyama (5-7)

M10e Kotoryu (8-4) uwatenage M9w Iwakiyama (5-7)

M8e Tamarikido (6-6) yorikiri M15e Asanowaka (6-6)

M8w Gojoro (5-7) yorikiri M13e Yotsukasa (5-7)

M7w Aminishiki (8-4) oshidashi M14w Otsukasa (6-6)

M5e Miyabiyama (8-4) oshidashi M11e Toki (8-4)

M9e Jumonji (7-5) yorikiri M5w Hokutoriki (4-8)

M2w Takanonami (5-7) oshidashi M6e Kasugao (3-9)

M1e Tochinonada (7-5) oshidashi M12e Buyuzan (9-3)

M4e Kaiho (5-7) yorikiri M1w Takamisakari (4-8)

M3e Kyokushuzan (6-6) hatakikomi K1e Tosanoumi (3-9)

K1w Kyokutenho (8-4) hikiotoshi M3w Tamanoshima (6-6)

O2e Musoyama (6-6) tsukiotoshi S1e Wakanosato (7-5)

O1w Kaio (9-3) uwatenage M4w Kotonowaka (6-6)

O1e Chiyotaikai (10-2) hikiotoshi S1w Dejima (7-5)

Y1e Asashoryu (11-1) tsukidashi O2w Tochiazuma (6-6)

Day 13


Ms27w Toyonoshima (2-4) Ms11w Hochiyama (2-4)

Ms9e Fukkoyama (2-4) Ms25e Hokutoiwa (2-4)

Ms4e Tamanokuni (6-0) Ms36e Chiyohakuho (6-0)

Ms7w Hamanoshima (2-4) Ms3w Fujinohana (2-4)

Ms1e Kitazakura (4-2) Ms6e Kotokanyu (4-2)


J11e Futeno (6-6) J11w Nakao (7-5)

J12e Toyozakura (6-6) J10w Kokkai (7-5)

J13w Kaito (6-6) J6w Komahikari (1-11)

J6e Kakizoe (8-4) J12w Gokenzan (4-8)

J7e Harunoyama (7-5) J5w Wakatoba (5-7)

J5e Hayateumi (8-4) J8w Wakakosho (5-7)

J4e Hamanishiki (4-8) J9e Senshuyama (6-6)

J4w Tochinohana (7-5) J3w Kobo (5-7)

J3e Tochisakae (7-4-1) J10e Dewanofuji (6-6)

J2e Kinkaiyama (6-6) J9w Oikari (6-6)

J13e Sumanofuji (1-11) J1w Oginishiki (2-4-6)

J1e Kasuganishiki (8-4) J7w Tamakasuga (10-2)


J2w Ushiomaru (8-4) M11w Shimotori (3-9)

M11e Toki (8-4) M12e Buyuzan (9-3)

M14w Otsukasa (6-6) M9w Iwakiyama (5-7)

M9e Jumonji (7-5) M15e Asanowaka (6-6)

M15w Akinoshima (6-6) M8w Gojoro (5-7)

M8e Tamarikido (6-6) M10w Wakanoyama (5-7)

M10e Kotoryu (8-4) M7w Aminishiki (8-4)

M6e Kasugao (3-9) M13w Asasekiryu (6-6)

M13e Yotsukasa (5-7) M4w Kotonowaka (6-6)

M4e Kaiho (5-7) M12w Aogiyama (5-7)

M5w Hokutoriki (4-8) M2w Takanonami (5-7)

M3e Kyokushuzan (6-6) M1w Takamisakari (4-8)

K1e Tosanoumi (3-9) M1e Tochinonada (7-5)

K1w Kyokutenho (8-4) S1w Dejima (7-5)

S1e Wakanosato (7-5) M5e Miyabiyama (8-4)

M3w Tamanoshima (6-6) O2w Tochiazuma (6-6)

O1e Chiyotaikai (10-2) O1w Kaio (9-3)

Y1e Asashoryu (11-1) O2e Musoyama (6-6)

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M8e    Tamarikido (6-6)                  M10w  Wakanoyama (5-7)

M10e  Kotoryu (8-4)                      M7w    Aminishiki (8-4)

M6e    Kasugao (3-9)                      M13w  Asasekiryu (6-6)

Difficult bouts to predict among the mid-maegashira rikishi... (Holiday feeling...) (Holiday feeling...)

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My only real concern is kaio vs chiyotaikai. What to do, what to do? :-(

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