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Day 14 results and day 15 pairings

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Due to popular request (yeah, a single email) I decided to copy some writings here:

Ozeki Asashoryu won against Kotomitsuki to secure his second yusho in a row. Even if he loses tomorrow against the only Ozeki or Yokozuna he can face this basho, a Yokozuna promotion now seems most likely as he meets the requirement expressed before the basho, a yusho with at least 13 wins.

Three rikishi are still aiming at a jun-yusho with Wakanosato and Dejima meeting tomorrow. The third one, Tochinonada, had a bad start into the basho with four losses, but won the next ten in a row. Today he moved out Kyokutenho making it look simple.

Kasugao won against Takanotsuru; both shin-nyumaku are 9-5 now and should win tomorrow to get one of the coveted kanto-sho. Wakanosato looks to me like a good candidate for a gino-sho while I don't see any candidates for a shukun-sho.

Musoyama won and will probably be the only Ozeki not kadoban in a week. Komusubi Takanonami lost and has to win tomorrow to stay in the Sanyaku ranks.

Akinoshima won his third in a row and will stay in Makuuchi for at least another basho. There are plenty of free places in Makuuchi with Takanohana retired and Tamakasuga, Otsukasa and Kobo already sure of demotion. Jumonji and Tochinohana should win tomorrow to secure their places in the top division.

The Juryo leaders were winning today with the exception of Yotsukasa who is out of the yusho race now. Buyuzan leads at 11-3 one win ahead of Asasekiryu and Gokenzan. Funny matchups here, yesterday Buyuzan had to face Makuuchi Takanotsuru and tomorrow he gets Juryo bottom Kitazakura who needs a win badly to stay in the paid ranks. Gokenzan faces Daizen who still can hope to stay in Juryo with a win AND some banzuke luck.

Another interesting bout tomorrow is Kakizoe-Toyozakura. The brother of Kitazakura also needs a win to avoid

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