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Dear Miss Monika Siddig...

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Since you've failed to understand our subtle hints (like, say, banning all of your accounts), let me state this clearly: you are not wanted on this forum.

Your only contributions have been public and private abuse of members and derisive comments of certain rikishi. With your constant disregard to forum rules and unwillingness to react to moderators' messages, not to mention your lack of manners, tact or indeed the slightest amount of consideration of others, you've shown that you can not be a member of this community.

You are henceforth banned, meaning that you are not allowed to use our forum in any form. Any attempts to create new accounts will be reported to your ISP, along with the rest of your abusive history.

Consequently, I wish to apologize to anyone who has been on the receiving end of her abusive messages. I should've listened to people who said she was nothing but trouble and should be banned outright.

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