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Rijicho    4

As Rijicho I often realise that there are so many valuable forum members who contribute to make this sumoforum the vivid, passionate, virile, adventurous and multi-layered place that it is good to offer some public recognizion

Susanoo is almost the only active Japanese sumoforum member who is not bilingual in practical sense. His contribution to Featured rikishi/heya - subforum has been superb. Without much prior experience in using English, he spends hours of writing his long English posts with the help of on-line translators and so. The dedication is really amazing and he brings up details about various rikishi and heya in a way that all his posts are full of new information. Just check for example Dewanoumi-beya posts and many others in Featured rikishi/heya-subforum.

So a big thank you and an encouragement to write your in-depth analysis in the future too! We are lucky to have you here.

(Sign of approval)

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