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Chain gang game

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The inaugural CGG ( )

was a great success..89 players started the game.The excitement lasted till day 15, which is quite unbelievable!!

Only one was left standing after Day 15. A perfect ending!!

The winner? Well..cough..cough...


Sorry about this..I can only swear by anything that there was no shady stuff, as Kofuji was supervising the automation, so no way anyone could cheat there..

The prize goes to me. YES!!

Next time, we will have some rule changes, after we saw a few problems here and there..

It will be even more exciting..

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Congratulations, Kintamayama-zeki! You always have such great ideas for sumo games (well, they seem great to me, anyway) it's only just that you do so well in them. You were among top in ISP, too, if I'm not mistaken...  ;-)

I'm just happy to squeak a kachi-koshi in both ISP and Bench, and I did last until Nakabi in Chaingang... plus decent double-digit results in Roto and Hoshitori, hmm, this was a *very* good basho for me! (In a holiday mood...)

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