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Gyoza (Pot Stickers)

Hello, This is Tooyama.

When I peeked into the kitchen I saw Shibuya futzing around so I wondered what the heck he was doing. That big guy was making teeny little gyoza.

Without a second thought, I took some photographs.

On the chanko menu tonight are "pot stickers."

There are 20 rkishi so making gyoza is no small project. He plans to make 300 of them.

It's quite an effort to wrap them but to fry them would be no simple matter eithr.

I'm curious to see what kind of gyoza he's going to come up with.

It's almost chanko time so I'll take some pictures and report on the blog later.

Geez, I'm hungry . . .

(The above is from yesterday)

Gyoza is ready!

This is the finished product:


Nice picture!!

Sure looks tasty!!

Here is Shibuya with his pot stickers.


The guy's quite good.

[With this kind of ability] he can work in a ramen shop.face_ase2.gif

* * * *


Group Living

Good evening. This is Tooyama.

That was some rainstorm last night. I hope everyone is alright.

This year, we've had earthquakes and torrential storms. It's been an unpleasant year.

If you think about it, there are only 3 [plus] months left this year.

I felt it went by really quickly.

I would like to do my best to have a pleasant time for these three months.

Aki Basho will finally begin next week.

All th rikishi are doing keiko with extra vigor.

You can look forward to good things from us.

Well, I would like to write something about group living in today's blog.

In Tamanoi Beya, there are 20 rikishi, one gyoji and one yobidashi living together. Of course, oyakata and okamisan also reside in the same building.

There is a "Big Room" on the second floor of Tamanoi Beya for the young guys. All the rikishi sleep in that "Big Room."

In that room, there are some guys watching TV. Behind them would be others goofing around trying puro resu tricks on each other. There are even some that are quietly reading books. It's kind of like a family that you might see on television--albeit a huge one.

The "Big Room" is filled with non-stop laughter.

However, when it comes to bedtime and the lights go out, the sounds of laughter turn immediately to those of snores. When I first joined, I felt the snores were awfully loud but now I can't go to sleep when it's quiet.

It may be normal to just snore, but perhaps due to the fatigue from all the keiko, there are quite a few that talk in their sleep.

Last night, one young rikishi suddenly got up at 2:30 and turned on the lights.face_ase2.gif

I wasn't aware at all but one of the ani-deshi yelled out, "Hey! XYZ, what the heck are you doing?"

The kid replied, "I need to wake everyone up . . . or else . . ." face_maji.gif He must have had a dream and wanted to alert everyone to some danger. hiyo_shock1.gif

Another time, a kid suddenly started going, "Shiko! Start with the right. One, two . . ." He was reciting keiko commands. I guess he couldn't stop training even in his dreams.

It is a dream to become a sekitori and have one's own private room, but communal living can be rather enjoyable.

We don't quite have pillow fights, but the "Symphony of Snores" can be quite sublime.

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Absolutely fantastic to have another generous SF member with such fantastic translation abilities ;-) (On the banzuke...)

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Great translation, and I fully enjoy a look into the private life. Coincidentally, I made gyoza on the 7th as well!

Mmm, gyoza...(dashes to fridge)

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(Applauding...) Thank you so much! :-D

By the way, are you Japanese?

You are living in Japan, right? (Sign of approval)

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Reward? (Day 2)


Good evening! This is Tooyama.

This is Day 2 of Aki Basho.

I had a bout today.

I was finally able to return to the dohyo--something which I dreamed about while I was in the hospital.

Thank you all for coming out to cheer for me despite the early hour of the bout.

Because of your support, I won! I will do my very best each and every match.

By the way, wasn't Futeno-zeki wonderful yesterday!

It felt like the entire Kokugikan was shaking.

There was some free time between my match and my duty as tsukebito so I was walking along with Ikeda and Nishitani in search of a place to eat lunch when . . .

Ikeda said, "Hey, since we all won today . . ."

Where was Ikeda headed?


We entered the restaurant and found some forms on the desk on the left side. (see photo above)

When we filled the forms with our shikona, heya, opponent, kimarite, etc. and took them to the register,

Congratulations! (Clap, Clap, Clap [Applause])

What the heck! McDonald's presents a "Value Set" for each victorious rikishi.

I had heard of this promotion before but

this is the first time I have taken advantage of it!!!

It was a bit embarrassing surrounded by all the young rikishi but

I also felt surprisingly happy. face_nika.gif



Ikeda munching French fries and Nishitani happily guzzling his


I guess McDonald's is indeed a young rikishi's friend.

PS "Mononofu"-san, thank you very much for yesterday. I was really, really surprised!

* * * * *

By the way, are you Japanese?

You are living in Japan, right?

No & no.

Edited by madorosumaru

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interesting that he referred to tsuki duties as he hasn't appeared in the hanamichi at all in the last couple of basho - since his demotion. Is still the obvious man at the heya but in the arena??

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This is really awesome to read. I like the pics...espically the ones from McDonalds, looks like Ikeda can't get enough of those fries.

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It's Day 3!


Good evening. This is Tooyama.

It is now the third day of Aki Basho.

It's great that Tochiazuma-zeki also won!

Thanks to everyone, I too was able to win my bout.

I appreciate all your cheers.

Today's photo (above) shows Shibuya monopolizing a chanko nabe.

Our evening chanko was sukiyaki. Normally, it is too hot to sit too close to the nabe but Shibuya seems to have staked out his territory directly in front of the pot.

Apparently, Shibuya had requested sukiyaki for dinner. We had sliced 10 kilo of beef (that's a lot!) in preparation, but in no time at all, the meat was all gone and we had to hurriedly get some more beef from the fridge.


The oyakata said:

"Hey! Shibuya is eating everything by himself!" (Laugh)

Tashiro! Take a picture of that happy face and put it on the home page!"

So, I took a shot of a contented-looking Shibuya.


The kid looks like he's in heaven!

Chanko started at around 7 p.m.

Shibuya didn't move an inch from the front of the nabe till well after eight.

No wonder he is going to get huge. face_ase2.gif

Free meal at McDonald's . . . over-eating sukiyaki . . .

We are so "blessed" with food that I got a "White Band" the other day.

We must not ignore world hunger. ""

I heard that every three seconds, a child dies of hunger.

Everyone, please cooperate.

When I tried to put the "White Band" around my wrist,

it broke because my arm was too big . . . hiyo_shock1.gif


Aren't there any "White Bands" made for rikishi?"

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Day 4

Good evening. This is Tooyama.

The fourth day of Aki Basho.

I suppose it's because it has been a while since I have entered a basho,

each day seems to be really, really long. I have the feeling that [by contrast] the days in the [recent past] were quite uneventful.

I am truly pleased that so many people recognize me at the Kokigikan.

Up until now, I thought the home page was a "one-way street."

After I started the blog, I feel I am communicating with all of you.

Please continue to support me and my effort!

It appears that the blog is read even by the other Tamanoi rikishi.

I am told, "Yesterday's blog was quite interesting." Or

"We must have received at least ten comments yesterday [from fans]."

With all of that [positive response], only Amanowaka complains:

"Why do you write only about Shibuya? I want to be called 'cute' too."

So post haste

I am going to reveal . . .

The Legend of Amanowaka, Part I

An ani-deshi tells Amanowaka,

"Hey! There is going to be a rerun of [my favorite] drama series (11 episodes) so I want you to tape them." He then gives a tape to Amanowaka.

A few days later, the ani-deshi inquires: "You got enough tape?"

Our hero responds: "No problem. Everything's fine."

After the final telecast, Amanowaka hands ONE tape to the ani-deshi.

Ani-deshi: "Hey! You recorded everything on one tape?"

Amanowaka: "Yes, sir. I recorded it just as you asked."

Ani-deshi: "I've got a baaad feeling . . ."

When he played the tape, the title said, "Final Episode." hiyo_shock1.gif

Ani-deshi: "Hey, you! How did you record the thing?"

Amanowaka: "Huh? I rewound it properly each time before I recorded the program."

Ani-deshi; ". . . . ." kaeru_shock1.gif (Banging head on the wall)

Ani-deshi: "I guess it was my mistake to ask YOU to do it . . . "

* * * * *

The following pictures are not a part of the blog but can be found at the Tamanoi Beya site.

Apparently, Amanowaka is quite a character


The "Big Room" - 70 tatami in size - where the "Symphony of Snores" is played every night.


The plasma TV is a gift from the ozeki.


Edited by madorosumaru

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Hahaha, this blog gets funnier everyday. Can't wait to read tomorrow's entry. This guy has a talent for writing (Enjoyable TV program...) Thank you, Madorosumaru!

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I hope everyone here really appreciates what Mado san is doing here every day.

It takes a lot of time and efforts to put together something like this. And it's done so expertly well!

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Thanks. The "Tamanoi Blog" is a good counterpoint to "Futeno's Blog," which Joe so capably translates. As they commonly say in the sumo world, the sekitori live in "Heaven" while the toriteki live in "Hell," although with the way these kids carry on and what the ozeki bunch is going through, it's hard sometimes to tell which is which.

George Orwell wrote a wonderfully insightful book about his salad days in "Down and Out in Paris and London." The Tamanoi Blog can very well be called "Down and Out in Adachi and Ryogoku." The Orwell classic "fondly" describes all the ragamuffin guys--artists, writers, restaurant workers, the hoi polloi, in short--making the best as they strive for success or even just to survive. The sumo heya is the same with these lowly deshi, paying with indentured servitude, their dreams of becoming rich and famous.

The cast of characters is motley. And the toriteki are mostly very young. Ikeda and Nishitani of McDonald's fame are 21 and 22 respectively. Shibuya, he of the mighty appetite, is a heya hope at 18 and already in makushita. Amanowaka is, not surprisingly, an underachiever--still in jonidan at 25.

Finally, Tooyama, the blog meister, is a second-coming of Ichinoya. His dreams of sekitorihood long gone at age 29 (he did make it up to makushita 7 as Tashiro), he is trying to resusitate his career at sandanme 93 after two months in the hospital.

Life is tough for them but, as you can see, they still manage a few laughs. If one reads through their bios on the home page, most have "eating and sleeping" as their hobby/pastime. They all seem to have a sense of humor, which at times may be convoluted. Nishitani's nickname is "Taliban" and Tooyama has been called "Franken," from the "Stein" family, I presume.

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Madorosumaru, a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig (Hugging...) for your translation...

Folks, I love the internet... these blogs make me feel I am closer to Sumo, Japan and the whole world. ;-)

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(West wins...)

Madorosumaru, a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig  (West wins...) for your translation...

Folks, I love the internet... these blogs make me feel I am closer to Sumo, Japan and the whole world. B-)

:-P Madorosumaru-san, Thank you so much!! (West wins...)

Tamanoi-beya Weblog

Tamanoi-beye Homepage

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9/15/05 23:53:21

Day 5


Top row, center: 9/12 Tooyama, Tamanoi Beya, Oshi-dashi

Good Evening! This is Tooyama.

It's a bit late tonight, but, as you can see, I am updating on schedule.

With today, the first third of Aki Basho has ended.

This basho sure seems to have dragged on.

Thanks to you all, I was able to win again today.

I would like to keep doing my best and continue in this fashion.

After my bout today, I went to McDonald's with Nishitani and

what do I see posted on the wall!!!

(See photo above)

I felt awfully embarrassed so I paid for my lunch today . . .

By the way, there were over 1700 hits on this blog yesterday--

from more than 800 different IP!!!

Out of the 300,000 or so goo blogs, it was ranked 76th!!!

You folks made all this possible!

Of course, it can't even compare with Futeno-zeki's blog, but

we would appreciate your continued support.

There is a new deshi that joined Tamanoi Beya this basho!

He started mae-zumo on Day 3 and got his first win today!!

He is Iwashina-kun from Shizuoka-ken.

Everyone, including the oyakata and the ozeki, is happy for him!

In a few days, we will update the home page with his personal profile.

Please look forward to that.

Well, that's about it for tonight . . .

Edited by madorosumaru

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B-) Thank you Madorosumaru-san for your time and effort to translate and post these! :-P I look forward to reading them each day. Great work!! (West wins...)

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Thanks for the kind words. For being so nice, polite and appreciative, you get a bonus "archive" entry today.

* * * * *


Summer Festival


Hello. This is Tooyama.

Yesterday was physical check-up day for the entire Kyokai.

Twice every year, all the rikishi undergo a physical exam.

A long line forms from early morning as the rikishi rushes to the Kokugikan

and, one after another, have their check up.

The part that takes the longest is taking specimen for the blood test.

Osumo-san all have thick arms so it's hard to find a blood vessel and

it's also no simple task to insert a needle.

In my case, it took about 20 minutes to get enough blood.

The photograph above was taken at last year's Summer Festival.

This year, the festival for neighborhood children will be held tomorrow, Sunday, at "Sanyo Produce Market" in Adachi-ku.

A number of rikishi from Tamanoi Beya willparticipate,

selling such food as yaki-soba, hot dog and corn on the cob.

Those of you who live near Adachi-ku are cordially invited.

The festival will start at 1 pm so please honor us with your presence.

Things went so well last year that even Tochiazuma-zeki, who had just popped in,

was drafted to help prepare yaki-soba.

All the "older ladies" (oba-chan) who were in line were so mesmerized by the [delicious] yaki-soba

that they didn't even notice the ozeki was the chef . . . NOT!

We will be expecting you tomorrow!

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May I ask what's to read on the MC Donalds picture? So his Shikona and result, but why was he :-P ?

Edited by ilovesumo

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May I ask what's to read on the MC Donalds picture?  So his Shikona and result, but why was he :-P ?

McDonald's posted all the names of rikishi who came and took the offer of free lunch. They meant well--as a congratulations--but Tooyama was embarrassed because the whole world knew that he, a 29-year-old veteran, accepted a "Value Set" along with all the young kids. That's why he paid for his lunch this time. It's okay for a youngster like Nishitani, who accompanied him, but not for an old-timer.

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McDonald's posted all the names of rikishi who came and took the offer of free lunch.
Edited by ilovesumo

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Aki Basho Day 6


Good Evening! This is Tooyama.

Day 6 has ended.

Tochiazuma-zeki won his fifth today with some nice composed sumo.

It would be nice if he could continue in this fashion.

Today's photo is of Takayoshi (gyoji) eating chanko.

Gyoji and yobidashi leave for the Kokugikan at dawn and

work until the end of the sumo day before coming back to the heya.

In the picture, you can see the oyakata and okami-san behind Takayoshi.

For chanko tonight, we had minced-meat cutlet from swimming champ Kosuke Kitajima's family's store.

It received a lot of publicity when featured on television some time ago as attracting long lines of purchasers

so I've always wanted to try it.

My impression was not "It feels super good!!"

[Editor's note: a prize-winning catchphrase uttered by the aforementioned Mr. Kitajima upon winning his gold.]

But "It tastes super good!"

I don't think you need to line up anymore to buy it so I suggest that you go try some.

Here is an announcement for the Tamanoi Beya Senshuraku Basho Closing Party.

Sunday, September 25, from around 6 p.m.

There will be a Senshuraku Basho Closing Party held at Tamanoi Beya in Adachi-ku.

Tickets are available at 10,000 yen per person. The event is open to the general public in addition to koen-kai members,

The venue will be the "Big Room" where we lead our normal lives so

please take advantage of this opportunity to join us.

There will be more details available on the home page.

Those interested in attending can e-mail us using the feature provided on the home page.

We are anxiously awaiting your participation.

There is one more announcement.

"Zexy" available on 9/23


Tochiazuma-zeki and other Tamanoi rikishi will appear in the Greater Tokyo edition of the November "Zexy" magazine.

Please go out and purchase a copy. It is a bridal information magazine . . .

So, unmarried people, of course, and even married ones should get a copy.

I think the feature was something like "Yo! Bridegroom Dojo!"

Again, details will be forthcoming on the home page so please look forward to that.

Tamanoi Blog

Tamanoi Beya Website

Article and picture of Kitajima cutlet

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(Eating...) (Applauding...) (Sign of approval) (Yusho winner...)

Thank you so much again!

By the way, Okami-san looks big, too. (Heart)

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Day 7


Good Evening! This is Tooyama.

Aki Basho Day 7.

It started getting cooler from about the day before yesterday.

It's so easy to mess up your health during the change of season so please take good care of yourselves.

Well, today's photo shows the reporters interviewing Tochiazuma-zeki in the dressing room.

After the bout is over and he taken a bath, the ozeki gets interviewed as he gets his hair done.

Today, I am going to do a "counter-report" (!?) on the people doing the reporting.

As the shiroboshi (wins) pile up, the number of reporters also increases.

Most of the reporters are from the newspapers, but there are some from magazines and television stations.

They are all scribbling notes of the rikishi's comments with incredible speed in their pads.

I glanced over from the side and saw a whole bunch of illegible chicken scratches.

The sumo day is over for the rikishi at 6 p.m.

That's when the reporters start to organize all the comments they have accumulated and start writing their stories.

The reporters seem to be actually reading the Tamanoi Blog.

They often call over to me, "I enjoy your blog."

That makes me really happy.

Tomorrow is going to be Nakabi.

I would like to get psyched up and be ready to really "gambarize" in the second half.

Tamanoi Blog

Tamanoi Beya Website

Edited by madorosumaru

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