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Takanohana's interview

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Found this interview from a mongolian paper "Zuunii Medee", which claims got this from Yomiuri.

Q: Nagoya basho is getting very interesting, Who, do you think, will get the yusho?

T: The basho is not over yet, but Asashoryu is the favourite.

Q: Is there anyone who can stop him?

T: Hakuho, Roho and Kotooshu are potential upsetters if they try really hard. They, I think, will put a reasonable pressure on Asashoryu.

Q: What makes Asashoryu so special?

T: Naturally given talent, speed and strenght. Such a good wrestler is a rarity.

Q: What are the potentials of ozeki Kaio and Tochiazuma?

T: I know how strong is Kaio. To be honest, I don't think Kaio will win a yousho and become Yokozuna. However strong is a wrestler, it is pretty clear that there will be no big achievements after their 30s. But it is quite an achievement that of one of the wrestlers from my generation is still competing equally with youngsters. It is important for him to retire without a serious injury.

Q: Why?

T: I retired due to a serious injury. Injury was a real problem when I stopped wrestling. The pain is stronger after the training is stopped. I suffered a lot because of this.

Q: Who will success Asashoryu's throne?

T: There is a potential in Hakuho, Roho and Kotooshu.

Q: You favour Kisenosato?

T: He is a good wrestler. He clearly lacks an experience. If coached well, he will certainly achieve a lot.

Q: Who, from your beya, will achieve Juryo first?

T: I recruited quite a few youngsters in my beya and I tried my best in choosing them. I have no doubt that an outstanding wrestlers will rise from among them. But we need at least two years.

Q: Will you recruit from abroad

T: I thought about it when I become an Oykata and decided to recruit from Latin America. But my father has strongly dissaproved this idea and reminded me that I took over a famious beya, so I should revive this beya only with Japanese wrestlers. So, now I don't need to recruit from abroad and my goal is to groom my beya wrestlers.

Q: Your late father's contribution to sumo was great. He closely watched over a unity among wrestlers. But there is a critisism going around that he wasn't able to educate his children. Your say?

T: My late father fully committed himself to sumo

Q: What is the underlying reason behind the friction with your brother? Last year your father told in an interview that he is to blame for this rift?

T: My father has nothing to do with this. We are to blame. My brother is very stubborn and his attitude changed when he become ozeki. He didn't like his younger brother acheiving more than this. I ignored everything at the begining and even let him win in one yousho bout. But I should say that he didn't understand all these. I tried my best but didn't succeed. Our relationship has worsened after my father passed away.

Q: Is your brother still playing American Football?

T: No, he is looking after his business in Tokyo.

Q: Is it true that you are about to hire ex-Ozeki Musoyama as assistant coach?

T: I proposed him this position, it is up to him now.

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