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Baruto in makushita

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..... to some pro-wrestling guy, I presume.

some pro wrestler? thats not just some pro wrestler that there be be Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, son of the legendary Johnny Valentine. (I am not worthy...)

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Well sadly last day gave us a quick answer about Bart! (Depressed...)

And looks like that Shiraishi, Raiko, Masatsukasa, Ryuho (and Dairaido?) might be promoted and Hayateumi, Sumanofuji, Chiyohakuho, Chiyotenzan will get demoted meanwhile Yotsukasa, Kinkaiyama and Wakanoyama are under question.

As about Baruto he might be where (Ms2w-Ms1e?)?

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DAY 15
Ms56w  Kotonomine (3-4)    oshidashi      Sd5w   MAENOYU (2-5)
Ms45w  KIMURAYAMA (6-1)    okuridashi     Ms53w  Kotohikari (5-2)
Ms39w  KAGAYA (3-4)        shitatehineri  Ms33e  Gokenzan (2-5)
Ms23e  SATOYAMA (5-2)      tsukidashi     Ms21w  Isobe (4-3)

and some intresting bouts from juryo!
Ms2e   Raiko (5-2)         okuridashi     J14e   Chiyohakuho (6-9)
Ms5e   Ryuho (5-2)         yorikiri       J13e   Chiyotenzan (6-9)
J11w   Yotsukasa (6-9)     oshidashi      Ms6w   BARUTO (5-2)
Ms3w   Masatsukasa (6-1)   okuridashi     J10w   Kinkaiyama (5-10)

To finish the basho.

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As basho has ended with all the lucky winners it's time to make a little conclusion.

It was a tough basho for prospects as many of them were on high ranks and many of them couln't make it like Ryuo, Kagaya, Kurazono, Maenoyu, Orora and Masutoo. In other hand some did it very well like Mokonami, Kimurayama, Sawai, Takahashi and Wakanoho. There were winners and losers but I think they all make their considerations and learn from losses.

Prospects and foreigners (final results):

Ms1e SHIRAISHI (4-2)

Ms6w BARUTO (5-2) EST

Ms7w KAKURYU (4-3) MON

Ms8e HOMASHO (4-3)

Ms13e RYUO (3-4) MON

Ms13w DEWAOTORI (4-3)


Ms19w MOKONAMI (6-1) MON

Ms23e SATOYAMA (5-2)


Ms39w KAGAYA (3-4)

Ms45w KIMURAYAMA (6-1)

Ms49e KURAZONO (1-5)

Ms57w SHIBUYA (4-3)

Sd5w MAENOYU (2-5) MON

Sd9e ORORA (2-5) RUS

Sd61w SAWAI (7-0)

Jd20w MASUTOO (2-4-1) HUN --- withdrawn after day 11

Jd64w WAKANOHO (5-2) RUS

Jk40e TAKAHASHI (7-0)

as ex-juryo having bad basho indeed with

Gojoro 2-3-2 --- withdrawn after day 8

Dewanosato 3-4

Maikaze 3-4

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