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Featured Heya - Dewanoumi

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Dewanoumi is one of the biggest heya with over 25 rikishi.

There are many rikishi who have something interesting in their sumo careers.

Futeno was a big college star and went through makushita fast, didn't waste too much time in juryo and started well in makuuchi. Then suffered a lower back injury and was hampered by that for few basho. Now seems genkier than ever and has his web bloq.

Dewanosato made history with his juryo debut at very old age.

Kinkaiyama is close to all time yoyo-stamp with his frequent shuffling between Makuuchi and juryo. He has been injury-burdened lately though and hasn't been able to do well enough to continue his yoyoism.

Towanoyama suffered evidently a massive patella tendon rupture and was sidelined for a full year. Made a come-back at jonidan but went kyujo again. Now in Haru basho he had 6-1 record. No details were ever published about the full nature of his injury I suppose. Towanoyama is the only active rikishi who has been in makuuchi without having a single bout there and also the only one who has dropped all the way to jonidan 90 before starting to climb up again.

Futeno's tsukebito Dewaotori was the biggest talent when he first joined ozumo. He went 6-1 in ms33 now and will be one of the most interesting high makushita guys in Nagoya. 19 years old and big body. Good balance and sturdy.

33rd Shikimori Jonosuke ie. tate-gyoji belongs to Dewanoumi-beya and one sandanme gyoji too.

Mainoumi was Dewanoumi-beya rikishi as were brothers Oginohana and Oginishiki. Brothers are oyakata now there.

Do we have any forum members who have connections to Dewanoumi-beya or who have visited their asageiko? Would be utterly fascinating to learn more.

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This Heya exists as a core of a No.1 distinguished family Ichimon of Sumo world.

However, in the present, as Musashigawa and Kasugano are symbolic, this Heya tends a little to decline.

The time of ups and downs exists in every Ichimon.

Although I do not think that Dewa-Ichimon is in the worst situation now, it is clear that it is not in the state corresponding to the status of Dewa.

However, rise of the young generation needed is seen in Mihogaseki, Dewanoumi, or Sakaigawa.

Therefore, I am not anxious about the future of Ichimon which contains these three Heyas at least.

I was anxious about Dewanoumi-beya having an excessive hope for Futenou.

It is because I thought that the time when he can demonstrate capability to the maximum extent already passed.

He collided strongly low to the oponent and often showed the performance (easy Yorikiri) which moves forward as it is at the time whose he was in Makushita.

Possibly it had bad influence on him that he was able to win too much easily in the case which a well-built student sumo wrestling graduate rikishi often has.

Even when only merely completing Yorikiri, if it is not easy, it can ask for a device or efforts.

Even if it is simple Kimarite, in order to result there, the procedure of making an opponent losing balance is required.

And the pile of it grows up rikishi greatly.

I cannot declare that all the causes that continued checking growth of Futenou for a long time originate in that.

However, after he is promoted to Jyuryo till March this year, I want to attach a reason so to his not having almost impressed growth .

Since I thought that he could never improve his bad habit, I was very much surprised at his performance in last basho.

The point improved clearly is that his attack became quick.

Although former he has held Mawashi, he did not immediately attack, but that gave the posture often advantageous to an opponent, and he often released Mawashi.

Furthermore, his impressive performance was the scene which his body is made to bend backward, shows an opponent the back, and runs from place to place along with the circle of Dohyo.

He showed the performance depending on such a quick motion and pliability which isn't suitable for his physique, without completely employing the merit of the physique efficiently.

Like the last basho, the Torikuchi which moves forward as soon as he holds Mawashi is suitable for his physique.

Did what kind of type of training make his sumo improve to until this much?

Possibly, is this just manifestation of his potential ability?

Anyway, if he obtains a good result by the attack of initiative also in the next basho, I have to accept things that the evaluation to him of me was too low.

There is already no intention that I criticize for Futenou to be Heya-gashira (leader of rikishi in Heya).

However, by rights, I do not forget rikishi which must be on the banzuke above him.

Towanoyama achieved Shin-Nyumaku with Shimotori in March, 2002.

However, since his knee was injured during the Keiko on the morning on the 1st (Shonichi), he was not able to stand on the Dohyo of Makuuchi for one day.

The 1 basho ago in Jyuryo, Takamisakari(12wins) attained Yusho after Ketteisen with Shimotori.

Towanoyama (11wins) won this two rikishis and his contents of sumo were conspicuous.

Therefore, I expected like Towa-10wins(with Kantoushou), Shimo-8wins, and Takami-8wins about the results in the following basho.

Kotomitsuki was absent(Kyujyo) from the Basho of Shin-Nyumaku for the same reason as Towanoyama in May,2000.

I did not expect more than 8 wins even to him of the great fanfare debut which everyone made for great expectation.

About the capability at the time of Shin-Nyumaku, I received the impression in which Towanoyama's was equal to Musoyama's and Miyabiyama's.

He was able to correspond also to any of tsuki-oshi zumo and yotsu-zumo.

Moreover, his height exceeded the present Iwakiyama 5cm, and weights exceeded 30kg.

He said later that he disliked Keiko those days and that was the cause of an injury.

Although he does not reach distantly in industry to Iwakiyama as his remark, I think that the part and the room of growth were large.

I am sure that he was able to exceed present Iwakiyama's banzuke enough.

Furthermore, to the regrettable thing, he covered the still more serious injury in March, 2004.

It seems that he was endowed with industry at least although he has already been unable to regain all things from now on.

He had already had a start of a number of times anyhow, and the result of the previous basho was 6 wins in Jyonidan-W90.

His Shikona was named by Oyakata(former Sekiwake Washuuyama).

If "就" is put on the character of the "鳥" of "鳥羽の山(Towanoyama)", it will become "鷲羽山(Washuuyama as Oyakata's Shikona)".

The meaning of "就" can be associated with accomplishment.

This means that he was expected very much by Oyakata.

However, Shikona which removed accomplishment from Oyakata' Shikona may not necessarily be a glad thing, if a view is changed.

Washuuyama (Dewanoumi X) was applied exactly to the formula for pleasing a spectator of beating the rikishi of the big physique from the small physique, during his active period.

He performed sharp Tachiai and Hazu-Osh, or continued moving actively on the dohyo, and often confused the opponent.

Although he did not have forcibleness, he did not use Henka at the Tachiai.

Also in which Keiko and Honbasho, he was the mental tough rikishi who never reaches a compromise to himself, but does his best.

And also in the present, that strong soul of his is used in order to lead Dewanoumi-beya which is distinguished family.

Washuuyama inherited Dewanoumi-beya from former Yokozuna Sadanoyama(Dewanoumi IX) in 1996.

The somewhat special career of Sadanoyama's active-service age was that he appeared on the movie.

He co-starred with Sean Connery in "YOU ONLY LIVE TWISE" 007 series with the role of Yokozuna as his main occupation.

Although many Japanese appeared, this work was disrepute in Japan.

Therefore, it was not repeatedly broadcast by TV like "FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE" and "GOLD FINGER", and I also forgot this fact(Yokozuna's movie performance) long.

Although it did not need to remember, since I remember this while reading the data of Sadanoyama, I added the meaningless talk.

I return to the talk about Sadanoyama as rikishi.

He was also the rikishi who is not blessed with the physique.

He had his appendix taken out which was not bad, in order to increase weight.

It seems that it was not so effective too although I did not have knowledge about the effect.

Proper weights differ for every rikishi and the technique according to each rikishi's physique exists.

Since weight was the level of 150kg also in Taiho which gave the impression that the physique was that time very large,

I can think that there was no necessity that he who was promoted even to Yokozuna does to that for increases weight.

Kyokudouzan (former Komusubi) which was my favorite rikishi had the physique and the constitution just like him.

He showed Torikuchi various type according to an opponent using the gifted athletic ability.

Supposing Sadanoyama uses the same means as Kyokudouzan, I will imagine that he was able to leave record results.

However, he adhered to the orthodox approach so stubbornly that it was said that it was honest to a fault.

I understand that this was a pride and confidence of rikishi who will supports Dewanoumi-beya on his own in the future.

After 2 basho consecutive Yuushou, in the following basho in 1968, he suffered three losses at the beginning, announced the retirement suddenly, and surprised the world.

Although everyone did not suspect that he could still play an active part fully in the future, the quick pure retirement was also the tradition of Dewanoumi-beya.

In addition, although the custom is a fact, the word "tradition" often camouflages a hidden situation.

Dewanoumi VIII (former Maegashira 1 Dewanohana) who is Sadanoyama's master married his daughter to him, and the procedure for transferring some of real estate of Heya to him was finished before the announcement of retirement.

In order to oppose the influence in Heya which does not affirm succession between them, Oyakata needed to work quickly such.

The opponent was Yokozuna-Chiyonoyama.

November 1950 when 1 basho was held in ten days, the basho at the time of Chiyonoyama's Shin-Nyumaku, his results were ten wins and zero loss as complete victory.

Since Ketteisen was not performed but priority was given to rikishi on the higher rank of Banzuke those days as for Yushou, his great record was obstructed by the old-fashioned rule.

Since he continued winning in the next basho till the 3rd, the win streak since his Shin-Nyumaku is 13.

I could not see this record broken.

Dewanohana only with the track record as a simple and common rikishi reversed the position immediately to him with the track record as such showy record and the highest class after the death of Dewanoumi VII (former Yokozuna Tsunenohana) which favored Chiyonoyama exceptionally.

Since it is impossible to realize it only of his will, I imagine that Dewanohana had a leading supporter (Tanimachi).

However, naturally about such a situation, data for me to get a corroboration do not exist.

It was an open fact to have wanted Dewanoumi VII who was their Oyakata to make Chiyonoyama a successor.

Since Tsunenohana did not leave a will but he died suddenly in 1960, succession of Dewanoumi-Oyakata did not become as his intention.

However, since the track record of Dewanohana's rikishi days was too scarce as the chief of Dewa, everyone of not only Chiyonoyama but the world thought that Dewanoumi VIII was provisional.

Chiyonoyama who had the wish severed by the succession to Sadanoyama from Dewanoumi VIII offered independence from Dewaoumi-beya having Kitanofuji(still Ozeki those days) (commentator now) and others with him.

However, within Dewanoumi-beya in those days, since the implicitness rule of accepting neither a sect (splinter group) nor independence existed, finally, they were excommunicated, moved to Takasago-Ichimon and opened Kokonoe-beya in 1967.

As for such a selfishness, under the situation in those days, disposal of discontinuance of business, not to mention excommunication, or banishment may usually have been given.

It was the efforts of the widow of Dewanoumi VII (former Yokozuna Tsunenohana) who was Chiyonoyama's understanding person which saved them from the situation and made the minimum future secure.

When Chiyonoyama died suddenly in 1977, Kitanofuji inherited Heya.

Kitanofuji achieved perfectly the duty as provisional Oyakata until it is inherited by Chiyonofuji(in 1992).

It was Chiyonoyama's hope to make Chiyonofuji inherit it.

Since the trouble about succession was experienced in the past, it was the succession play which could be made only by Kitanofuji who has understood the suffering well.

I think that it was big loss for Dewa that it was not able to have Oyakata-Deshi relationship of an ideal like three of them in Heya.

The Chiyonoyama (Kokonoe-Oyakata) excommunication incident was among the top five disturbance in the postwar history of Sumo.

And Dewanoumi VII (former Yokozuna Tsunenohana) who is his master was also the ringleader who caused the another major disturbance among the top five.

In 1957, he was Rijicho of Kyokai, Kyokai might be pursued about the state of the management policy(structure) of Sumo in Parliament.

Although I have not seen the data in which those details were described, in such an example at that time, I do not have the room of doubt in what the matter of money accompanied by interests about performance was the point at issue.

However, this common injustice is not an incident among the top five.

Just after this, Tsunenoyama attempted suicide in the Rijichos room.

He carried out the knife(the armor through of 24cm of length of a blade) from Sumo Museum in Kokugikan, and cut the abdomen(a crack with a length of 30cm which reaches the peritoneum) and the cervix(length of 15cm) using it, and opened the main cock of gas.

He was soon found by the personnel who have noticed the smell of gas, and the fat layer of his thick abdomen and a lot of transfusion saved his life.

He had left the will addressed to Kyokai, his wife and Chiyonoyama when committing suicide.

Naturally there must have been description about succession in a will.

However, since his purpose was not attained, this could not become a will.

If the purpose was then attained, possibly his as desired succession was performed.

Several months after, he remained in Kyokai as an adviser, although Rijicho job was dismissed.

I think that he having got only dishonor from this incident, and having lost influence and a voice is one of the causes the direction of next succession was made to be changed into.

In the time when these disturbances took place, Dewanoumi-beya owned the majority of Oyakata-kabu.

Although property value of Kabu was markedly low compared with the present condition in those days, the value as a license for continuing being in an association was not different from now.

Dewanoumi-beya which the Kabu was accumulating can always decide various rules with the leadership.

Then, Dewanoumi-beya continues being in the center of the sumo world, and has made the history of Sumo.

Therefore, simultaneously with it, Dewa was not unrelated to all the incidents or disturbances.

The good thing and the bad thing existed with Dewa.

However, the present Japanese rikishi who salaried-worker-ized does not rebel against Heya or Kyoukai now like Chiyonoyama.

The rule which does not accept the sect (splinter group) independence described previously was a convenient rule in order that Dewanoumi-beya might protect a voice, the say, and box-office vested rights.

However, it sets in the present situation where Toshiyori-Kabu(Myouseki) itself has already flowed out out of Ichimon, the meaning which monopolizes Kabu is small.

Nevertheless, the fact of not accepting it without any restriction shows the ambiguity in character of the sumo world.

Although Kushima's (Tagonoura-Oyakata) track record was the level which cannot accept independence at all, independence may already have been promised positively to the rikishi who has a huge amateur track record like him at the time of his introduction.

The example which continues to invite a promising student sumo graduate rikishi on condition of independence and opening within Dewanoumi-Ichimon is possible.

However, when Dewa continues being scrupulous as usual to the university sumo which is dried up about both quantity and quality, about acquisition of a foreign-born rikishi, this is also neglected as usual and has a possibility of inviting the weakened Dewa itself.

In order for Dewa to continue to exist as a leader of the sumo world, the time to consider what should be protected and reformed is just now.

(Enjoying a beer...)

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This Heya exists as a core of a  No.1 distinguished family Ichimon of Sumo world.

However, in the present, as Musashigawa and Kasugano are symbolic, this Heya tends a little to decline.

(rest of post snipped)

I am not worthy!!! (In a state of confusion...)

This gotta be one of the best posts I've read in this forum!

Thanks a lot, Susanoo! (Showing respect...)

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This Heya exists as a core of a
Edited by Susanoo

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I already put the too long talk on this topic by the last post.

However, telling about Dewanoumi-beya is equal to telling about the sumo world.

Therefore, if I do not care about whether you like it or not, I can write further about it.

I have left the talk about Dewa which must surely be written only one.

Although possibly it might already be introduced in this forum in the past which I possibly do not know, I think that mine am worthy of introducing it into the topic of this Dewanoumi-beya again even if that is right.

I told about Dewanoumi-beya from a viewpoint of succession last time.

It is a talk still older than it, and I write about the greatest incident for the sumo world or Dewa this time.

The Tenryu incident天竜事件 (Shunjyuuen incident春秋園事件) was the largest-scale and serious disturbance for the sumo world in the history of Sumo.

In January, 1932, Tenryuu (Sekiwake, belongs to Dewanoumi-beya) appealed against reform of the sumo world mainly concerned with treatment of rikishi, while stated the objection to the despotism of Dewanoum-Oyakata which was a dictator within Kyokai.

The submitted petition included the brilliant contents on which everybody can fully agree, even if it was judged using the present common sense.

The contents were the following things which consist of ten items.

1, Establishment of the accounting system of Kyokai. Public presentation of the accounts income and outgo which were not indicated at all.

2, Revision of performance time. Performances is given at night in the case of Natsu-basho.

3, Popularization of the sumo wrestling by price reduction of an admission fee.

Reduction of box seat(枡席), and the increase in a general seat.

4, Abolition of Sumo-jyaya(相撲茶屋).

5, Abolition of Toshiyori system(年寄制度) gradually.

6, Establishment of an old-age pension system.

7, The radical reform of a provincial tour (Jungyou)(地方巡業) system.

8, The increase in the income for stabilizing a life of a rikishi.

9, Reduction of excess employees.

10, Foundation of a rikishi association, and establishment of a mutual aid system.

I explain the items of 2 and 4 in this additionally.

About an item 2.

It has been a subject for discussion in Kyoukai to delay a performance time zone recently also.

Although performance in the time zone which many people are still working was made into the problem now, the problem of those days was not so.

Those days, semi- Honbasho in a provincial tour was the outdoors, and since there were many places which a roof does not have, and it was the heat, it made it the problem for sufficient performance to have been impossible for.

Their nutrient state is not necessarily enough, and I imagine and sympathize the severity of they of such a state showing Sumo under the blazing sun of summer.

Tenryuu insisted, "rikishi has received treatment like a slave."

We can realize by this item that there was nothing in the situation where they can maintain the pride as a rikishi.

About an item 4.

Many of Sumo-jyaya was managed by Oyakata's wife or common-law wife belonging to Dewa-Ichimon.

By vested rights, they squeezed out of all the portions of the sumo world, and it did not return to rikishis and they did not distribute it.

It proves it that their unjust moneymaking surfaced frequently in response to exposure by a taxation office.

I can think that all 10 items are rights natural as a member of Kyokai (laborers), and are demands.

Moreover, these are useful for Kyoukai or the sumo world in the long run, although these are inconvenient to a person with some vested rights

To these, Kyokai only answered that Kyokai will make much more effort from now on, and avoided the clear reply.

On the contrary, Kyoukai put pressure using the rightist organization which has conversely as deep connection as sumo world, and was increasing influence most under wartime like that time.

Honbasho was held by the confrontation game of the east and the west in Makuuchidivision those days.

And since match of among the same Ichimon was not made, one of the east and west was always occupied by the rikishi of Dewanoumi-Ichimon.

In banzuke in January, 1932, all 12 rikishis in Makuuchi division located west were belong to Dewanoumi-beya.

30 Dewanoumi-Ichimon's rikishis including the 12 rikishis left Kyoukai which does not change a negative posture to their improvement demand, and newly established original Kyoukai.

At that time, in order to show the strength of a protest, a decision, and union, they cut off the topknot(Mage) themselves with all the members crying.

Then, since 17 rikishis of East-side(Higashi-gata) other than Dewa agreed, 47 rikishis in all Sekitori(total of 64) have disappeared at once, and Honbasho was postponed.

Banzuke was remade, and Kyoukai held basho, one month after forced itself in order to maintain prestige.

In banzuke in February, 1932, the capacity of 12 of Makuuchi was reduced, and was constituted by 40 rikishis who added 20 new Juryo rikishi and 8 new Makuuchi rikishi.

The rikishis who remained received the big benefit by it.

Although the one rikishi left the bad result by Juryo-10W(1win 7losses), he was promoted to Maegashira-E4.

Also although the benefit was unnecessary to him who was the strongest rikishi in the history of Sumo , and was also the Savior of the sumo world, it was also Futabayama's Shin-Nyumaku by chance at this time.

Thanks to Mr. Gans's "Grand SUMO tournament Records(大相撲星取表)" which you also know, everyone can check this unusual Banzuke-arrangement(番付編成).

The result of juryo also appears in the Japanese version.

Moreover, if October, 1931 is seen, it also turns out that the tournament of those days was an East-West game (displayed on the Japanese version as E-121pt,W-94pt.).

The banzuke in January, 1932 was announced just before Tenryuu held the first rally at a Chinese restaurant "Shunjyuu-en春秋園."

And the Banzuke had sufficient contents for making him push on to a rebellion.

Those days, the person in charge of Banzuke arrangement was DewanoumiVI (former Komusubi Ryougoku) which is the elder fellow pupil of Tenryuu.

He did not differ from many examples of the sumo world, either, but loved the direct pupil more than the junior pupil.

As a result, he brought personal feelings to the Banzuke organization which should be fair.

[Anyone can do check possible by Mr. Gans's 大相撲星取表 also about this.]

In the last basho, after the same results, Komusubi jumped over Sekiwake and was promoted to Ozeki.

Now, although such an act of unjustness is not allowed, in that time, discretion of Dewanoumi-Oyakata gave priority to it over all.

Since the petition of Tenryuu was rebounding to this, those who explain that his rebellion was a thing based on a personal grudge are also in it.

To be sure, this banzuke was not unrelated.

However, I admit that the injustice which is sufficient for him to arise exists there.

Furthermore, I think that the despotism was just the root of all that lead to monopoly of wealth.

On the other hand, Tenryuu and others who seceded from Kyoukai began the performance made into their ideal.

However, there is also disturbance of headhunting of rikishi by Kyoukai etc. and their ideal failed in about five years.

Although surely various sabotage by Kyoukai existed, the themselves side was not able to reconcile box-office profit and treatment of rikishis at last, either.

Although the ideal attracted people very easily, it was still easier for reality to separate people from there.

Kyoukai had the hiding fortune of about 220 million yen later pointed out from a taxation office.

Seemingly, according to the trial calculation with which the Bank of Japan compared the consumer price index, in the present, it has the value of being about 6 times many as this.

However, I think that there is a still bigger difference.

When it compares the present completely contrary to that time for which goods were insufficient when it remains too much, I judge that a further several times as many difference as this arises.

It also became clear that the extraordinary lot of money was divided equally only among some management.

Then, since it also became clear that the extraordinary lot of money was divided equally only among some management, as for their crime, embezzlement was added to tax evasion.

Even if it sees only about that, Tenryuu's petition was not only just as a rikishi, but sees socially, there is no room of doubt in it having been good behavior.

However, just the fact makes Tenryuu's ideal suffer a setback simultaneously.

It was only the public opinion which Kyoukai which has big advantage absolutely in financial ability and the political power based on it feared.

It could not become the enemy of Kyoukai even if it was the State.

That is because work of Kyoukai was none other than a national sport of Japan.

They are existence of inviolability as long as they are so.

However the Regional Taxation Bureaus and the purosecution might make a fuss, if only Kyoukai replaced the management, they were able to wait for it to let up.

The result which Tenryuu got actually was only mass resignation of a director and an officer.

When he determined to dissolve and left the sumo world, he entreated Kyoukai for the young rikishis who followed him to the last to be able to return to Kyoukai.

Although I did not expect that he decided it of his will, he who finished curtain influence is singleness and went abroad to Manchuria満州 (China northeast part area) in which Japan was doing occupation government those days.

Although it was action under the policy of militarism, he strove for the promotion of Sumo, without losing the passion to Sumo.

On the occasion of a Manchuria provincial tour by Kyoukai in 1940, he threw away the past grudge and did his best for development of the Sumo which is the common purpose.

He who returned to Japan after the war became a commentator of Sumo on the radio (The broadcast start of TV is 1953.), and re-appeared in the world.

He was called as a witness to a summons to the Diet about the hara-kiri incident by Dewanoumi VII (former Yokozuna Tsunenohana) in 1957 which I spoke last time

In the place, he got the opportunity to appeal against the reform bill of 25 years ago to public opinion widely this time.

However, he has already been in the position which no profits also receive by this petition.

So, although what his petition concludes that sounded Kyoukai is my selfish idea, reform of Kyoukai will begin to progress bordering on this time actually.

Probably, Sumo was continued by privatizing persons with some vested rights if there was no petition of Tenryuu, although there was also an item which is not yet improved.

And supposing it was realized, possibly object itself of the game which is our pleasure, and discussion will not exist in the present.

(You are going off-topic...)

Edited by Susanoo

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I didn't want to start a new thread to ask my question, since there's already a Dewanoumi-beya thread. Does this Sumo-beya have an officeial website?

Thank you!

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