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Featured Heya - Tamanoi & Tagonoura

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Both heya are part of the Dewanoumi Ichimon.

Tamanoi has just one sekitori - Tochiazuma (the oyakata - former Sekiwake Tochiazuma - is his father), and 21 others in the lower divisions, making it quite a big heya.

Taganoura is much smaller, with just 2 Sandanme and 2 Jonidan rikishi, under their Oyakata (the former Maegashira 1 Kushimaumi).

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Tagonoura-Oyakata(former Maegashira1 Kushimaumi)

He went into the sumo world with the highest ever amateur track record.

And he became the highest ever rikishi also about betraying expectation.

Many people in a sumo fan did not consider and suspect that he can oppose a large-sized foreigner wrestler like Konishiki in the future.

He was already an amateur champion at the time of a high school student.

Since he attracted expectation and attention from that time, special programs about him, such as his everyday life or Keiko situation of sumo with his father, were telecast repeatedly.

I who watched the program have memorized that he was continuing the Keiko highest in the highest environment for sumo.

Not only me but the person who made that program and many people who looked at it aiso were sure of his becoming a Yokozuna in the future.

From the first, wasn't the rail to a success for him laid?

In his school days, just before he went up to a Dohyo, it might always be carrying out.

It is making his cheek become blackish a little in the present.

He always struck his cheek with all his strength about 10 times, and had shouted in the shrill big voice across which it echoes and goes all over the hall as finish, "Eryaaaa."

Probably the person who heard it also by once does not forget the shout.

I imagine that his soul which needed so intense performance just before fighting was by no means tough.

In order that Takamisakari who is equivalent to his younger generation in Nihon University might loosen stiffness of the body by strain, the cheek was always struck similarly.

When said more correctly, since Takamisakari was so hard that it cannot strike well by himself, he had got Kotomitsuki to strike with all his strength.

Although I do not understand the difference in the soul of Kushima and Takamisakari, I feel the same weakness about two soul.

I brought up this talk because I thought that one of the causes whose wheels of Kushima did not suit to the width of the laid rail exactly is this.

Naturally, the shout of the rikishi in the hall is forbidden in the Oozumo.

However, it is not the cause by which it made him inactivity.

I think that the soul of him who was not able to make it stabilized without carrying out it is the cause.

Another bigger cause is that he went on to the university.

He should have ridden on a pro's rail at a high school graduate's time.

In amateur, no target which he should finish already existed in him.

At the time of the beginning which entered the university, since he was stronger than whom, even if that was Nihon University, he could not be a place for raising own capability.

Rather, I imagined that he was indulged by the circumference and I consider that his university four years were a mere blank.

Or the selection will not be based on his father's intention, it is based on his own will, or I do not know, but he has lived in comfort as a result at the most important time as a rikishi.

Although it was an uphill a little ahead of him, the rail laid straightly existed.

However, he chose the rail of the downward slope [ at a junction ] which can be easily progressed by him.

It was the form of his best sumo to insert a right arm after the rush which employed the big physique efficiently, and to move forward, without stopping.

However, once he stopped, the looseness of Waki(under his arm) suffered misfortune and he lapsed into the disadvantageous posture(Morozashi) frequently.

Since the fault of his was known by all rikishis, the opponent had imagined shifting to Morozashi after that for the purpose of Hidari-yotsu first.

Kushima's Kotenage in a disadvantageous posture was his most impressive sumo.

However, since it was the throw only using [ unlike Kotenage which applied weight by Kaio ] a hand out of desperation, it was uncertain.

Although he used Kotenage frequently, he did not inflict an injury on an opponent.

On the contrary, the approach which made himself the unstable posture invited the injury to himself.

And that brought the time of a retirement of him forward.

A consolation in its misfortune did not cause the result to which he inflicts an injury on an oponent for a so much meaningless victory.

I think that the present condition that he cannot get talented-people assistance from Nihon University shows that he was isolated in Nihon University although his results under enrollment in Nihon University were record.

That clarifies further that he mistook selection at the junction.

The state in which Tagonoura-Beya is inactive now is not based only on it.

It is the biggest cause that Yoshimura(2002 entrance with Hagiwara or Katayama) expected by Heya and Ichimon died suddenly.

In addition to it, there were hospitalization of Oyakata by cardiac infarction and a retirement of Hisanohana which was one of promising rikishis.

I am wishing that still young he overcomes a misfortune and non-fate, and will activate heya from now on taking advantage of his bitter experience. (Ranting...)

Edited by Susanoo

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Once again, thank you Susanoo for a nice story about Tagonoura oyakata. Kushimaumi was before my sumo time but his reputation seems to be that "huge talent, future yokozuna who became a disappointing makuuchi rikishi". Since he was so overwhelming as a high school student and even beat all university guys, sumo career-wise it does strike odd that he went to university and stagnated there without strong enough challengers to really test him and force him to improve his sumo. Perhaps Sawaii is now the "second Kushimaumi" as he is already very strong as high school student and university sumo could delay his progress and even hamper it to some degree. So if Kushimaumi would have made the same decision as Sawaii did and would have entered ozumo, maybe he would have refined his fighting spirit and technique early on and developed much more in the first 4 years in ozumo as he did in university. He won 50 bouts with kotenage during his makuuchi career.


In addition to it, there were hospitalization of Oyakata by cardiac infarction

As for his heya, after those setbacks of oyakata's infarct (this means Kushimaumi himself suffered infarct I guess?), death of deshi and retirement of most promising deshi, it really appears to be in a slump. Didn't even know about the heya before finding it when starting this thread. Hope he can get some new talent into his heya soon and gain some prominence as an oyakata.

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Home to my boys dreaded nemesis "Tochiazuma" While I have never cared for him or his sumo I am astonished by the seeming "night and day" transformation he seems to make when he faces Shoryu. At times he appears completely lackluster and loses to opponents he shouldnt but always seems to be top notch when he faces Shoryu, can't wait for their next match! lol -

Edited by Ryukaze

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Tamanoi-Oyakata(former Sekiwake Tochiazuma)


I have attachment special to this Heya.

It is because I think that this Heya is continuing handing down the tradition of the Sumo in both skill and spirit to future generations.


Although I was looking at the Oyakata's active period, I cannot remember his performance(Torikuchi) clearly to a regrettable thing.

I only know with the printing type that his most characteristic performance looks just like present Tochiazuma.

Although I liked Tochiazuma's performance most now, I who was young those days was charmed by showier performance.

I was not able to understand his performance which was simple but highly sophisticated technique.


The Oyakata(former Yokozuna Tochinishiki) of that time of Kasugano-Beya to which (former)Tochiazuma belonged was the rikishi called the expert of Dashinage.

His Uwate-dashinage(pulling overarm throw) is made into the model also in the present.

The procedure is as follows.

First of all, [Hikitsuke] pull Uwate(own overarm) near and suppress an opponent's shoulder(of Sitate side) by a jaw.

It is effective in losing an opponent's balance to suppresss a shoulder jyoint.

Next, remove an opponent's underarm by twist of the waist simultaneously rotation movement of the leg quickly greatly.

Finally, throw to pull down an opponent below by oblique posture against an opponent.

It is necessary to perform these motions with sufficient timing momentarily.

Furthermore, if it is performance while pulling the waist and retreating, it becomes imperfect and will give an opponent a chance conversely.

I have seen the report which Tamanoi-Oyakata told the difficulty of imitating Tochinishiki's Dashinage.

He said, "Since the same performance was impossible to me, the device which pushes an opponent's underarm with the shoulder was added, and I completed my Dashinage."

The performance was handed down to Tochiazuma which is his son.

However, Tochiazuma's fundamental attack is a performance by pushing with Ottsuke, and in order that the power may far exceed Oyakata, the frequency where he shows Dashinage is very low.

Moreover, it is certain that the fundamental attack is more effective to AsaS, HakuH, and KotoO which are the rikishis formidable opponent for him.

All Dashinages that I witness occasionally now are the skill for losing an opponent's balance.

Although it is not the tactics which were never wrong, I want to also see the skill of tradition of art.


In spite of a repeated injury, I evaluate that the pressure ahead of Tochiazuma does not decline.

The muscles of his leg make me know the severity of training, and bring me conviction and relief.

Such, his linear motion does not change before he is injured, but I have a touch of uneasiness about his quick motion to side direction.

It will be the influence of a knee of an injury too that his reaction to a motion of an opponent was slightly late compared with before.

It can't be helped that an injury of the shoulder in which complete recovery is impossible.

However, I wish one day early recovery of an injury of his knee.

Although I had described only his non-fate, his injury did not necessarily bring him only misfortune.

He spends time longer than whom on fundamental training.

Especially after being injured, training for compensating it is performed to a limit.

As a result, he was able to got out of the predicament.

It not only grew up his body and mind both, but the process had good influence to younger pupils.

I introduce the magazine coverage after he returns to Ozeki in July, 2004.

The reporter asked

"Although the young rikishis of Tamanoi-beya caught a sight of Tochiazuma and being strove for exercise, did this revival play have any influences also on them?"

Oyakata answered.

"If that sight of him is caught, everyone will surely feel something. The feeling which aids Tochiazuma was overflowing all over the Heya. Seeing Tochiazuma, they think that they studied the soul never given up also in a however painful situation. "

The thing which should be handed down does not seem to be only skill.

In the present age, it may be difficulty rather than handing down skill, but I feel the importance of handing down the spirit of Sumo first.

In Tamanoi-beya, The rikishi leadar himself serve as a model for younger rikishis, and embody what Sumo way is all about.

Thus, it is ideal to hand down the spirit naturally not by forcible language.

This is the very blessing in disguise!



He was a captain(Taisho) when he attained the championship of team game in the Kumamoto(his hometown) National Sports Festival in 1999.

His attack is negative, although he is gifted with a physique and his lower part of body is also tenacious.

Therefore, he becomes the defensive in many cases.

It is his impressive performance to bear it and to turn the tables.

He experienced Tsukibito to Musashimaru for three years at the understaffed time in Musashigawa-Beya.


He had declared himself 東桜花(Tououka) before.

In fact, it was because Gyouji was mistaken in it and entered the "山" in the "花."

And before the following Basho, he did not make demands for correction on Gyouji, but offered renaming in the way of the right shikona.

He is the wrestler who gave the first loss to Asashoryu in the pro.

He is the dark horse which has also won Kotooshu.


The Brazil native, first dan in judo.

He waited for a foreigner limit to be vacant for three years, and became a pupil on May 2004.

He vented the frustration by winning Kitaouji and Baruto by Yorikiri with Morozashi in Maezumo.


Since, as for him, the second Japanese origin of the Brazil native had Japanese nationality but, he was not contained in foreigner limit.

Two years or more ago, he suffered from gout and has been troubled with the symptom and vegetable diet since then. And he retired after the last basho at last.


Oyakata's favorite pupil.

He was coming for Keiko to Heya from a junior high school student's time(called ability No1).

Although he has stagnated now in Sandanme, still young he (just become 18 years old) does not need to get impatient now.

I have seen only Yoshiazuma's performance in them.

He will be promoted to Jyuryo in the near future.

Although it is my judgment based only on the data which I read, I will imagine that Takaazuma and Shibuya will exceed him in promotion.


Most impressive Tochiazuma's fight is a bloodshed match against Asashoryu for me.

He did not raise a jaw to the last to violent Tsuki and Hari by Asashoryu.

The form which does not raise a jaw from beginning to end was the performance to which Oyakata adhered most in his active period.

In that match, although only Tochiazuma who struck and bloodshed unilaterally was evaluated, I also evaluate Asashoryu highly about this case.

In order to make a strong rikishi take out all the capability, an opponent with the high capability to reach him to limit is required.

Worth of the match was not only such performance.

Asashoryu apologized for the impoliteness on the Dohyo to him after that match.

Even If the match aside, I felt that he has respect for Tochiazuma by his attitude and words, but I was then sure of it.

Tochiazuma is the sole rikishi who defeat Asashoryu and make him humble.

In order to make humble Asashoryu who believes in strength, it is required for him to show the strength which is sufficient for accepting.

Asashoryu continues disregarding various educational instruction because it is made only by means of language.

I do not need to apply it to the measure of Asashoryu and I can understand that their[the Yokozuna Promotion Council] words do not sound his heart.

Become silent also to Asashoryu like the young pupils of a Tamanoi-beya, and merely show Tochiazuma.

Since I also have respect for Tochiazuma, did I evaluate possibly him too much exaggeratedly?

This may be beside the point, but Tochiazuma is putting in mouthpiece on the Dohyo by recommendation of Okamisan(his mother) since then.

Furthermore, this may be beside the point, but I am putting in mouthpiece on the bed in order to prevent teeth grinding and loudly snores by recommendation of Okamisan(my wife). :-)

Edited by Susanoo

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Become silent also to Asashoryu like the young pupils of a Tamanoi-beya, and merely show Tochiazuma.

(In a state of confusion...) B-) (Punk rocker...)

and another great write-up, thanks!

(you are not alone in wearing a mouthpiece at night, btw.)

i would add that Tochi Sr. is also a really nice guy. i had gotten contact info for the heya and for their Senshuraku Party from Ikeda's mom on Nakabi about a year ago, and a week later at the end of that day's asageiko, i inquired with one of the heya assistants about the party - location, directions, etc. it turned out the info i'd gotten was a little off, and several people got involved in trying to get it right, including Tamanoi Oyakata. and once it was all settled, he motioned for me to come over and sit down. i did, and we spent about 45 minutes or so talking about almost everything but sumo. got a picture and autograph afterwards, too, and a nice greeting at the party that night. (where i won a fancy women's sweater in a raffle, but that's another story....)

(Ikeda is something of a sandanme regular, having gotten a 2-5 at W38 in Osaka. nice kid, though; nickname is Keisuke, and i think he is or was one of Tochi's tsukebito.)

i've also been a Tochi fan for years, though my enthusiasm flagged a little during his early ozeki henka period. while he is no sumo master, i think he has done amazingly well with the relatively small, injury-prone body he has. :-)

he also serves a very important function. absent a strong yokozuna rival for Asa, i think it is great that there's someone like Tochi who can take him out on a regular basis and knock him back down to earth.

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