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Quotes from Day 10

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Kaiho: (On achieving kachikoshi on the 10th day for the first time since shin-nyumaku) It seens that no matter what I do this basho, it goes in the right direction.

More Kaiho: (Regarding Tamanoshima, against whom he is winless since 02 Natsu) I haven't won against him in a while so I wanted to upset his balance [with a tachiai henka and an uwate whirl].

Hakkaku Oyakata (Kaiho's mentor): (On the hard-working Kaiho serving as a role model) Kaiho puts out maximum effort at all times. That's why the young guys [like Kanbayashi] will follow him.

Asashoryu: (Satisfied with himself after demolishing a formidable adversary, Tochinonada) That's what you call "Thinking Sumo."

More Ryu: (On his aite who could be real tough when he gets his favored left shitate)

He was able to grab the left so I didn't want the bout to drag on for too long. I felt if I could only grab the mawashi with my right, [everything would fall into place].

Even More Ryu: (About the lack of any challengers) I don't think about those things. I only focus on my own bouts.

Kitanoumi Rijicho: (Having lost all hope of finding another contender) It's Asashoryu's yusho. It could be [decided by] the 13th day or the 14th.

Kaio: (Rueful about his inability to grab the mawashi and resorting to hataki) I fell into his (Miyabiyama's) pattern.

Oshiogawa Oyakata, Shinpan Director: Nothing much he can do if he can't grab the mawashi.

More Kaio: (On the tough loss just as he entered into yusho contention) That's the way the cookie crumbles.

Even more Kaio: (In response to the media's concern about the tape on his left upper arm) It's nothing ...

Hakuho: (After a convincing win over Tochiazuma) Today's sumo was really good. By beating the ozeki, I feel I'm ready to go [against the yokozuna].

Miyabiyama: (Finally reaching 4 wins after whupping Azuma and Kaio) It sure took a long time for the engine to get started.

Dejima: (Regarding the "major ouch" he suffered in the Ryu match) My side still hurts. I'm taking pain pills. I'm using all known means to deal with it.

More Dejima: (On his excellent record) Three straight wins? As long as I hit hard [at tachiai], I can push on forward.

Kisenosato: (On beating Otsukasa for his 7th victory) Just one more. I want to do some good, steady sumo.

More Kisenosato: (Comparing this basho with Hatsu when he suffered his first makekoshi in makuuchi) Right now, I am fighting in, what one may call, a total daze. I am going out there with reckless abandon. Last basho, I was thinking [too much] as I approached my sumo. That was a good lesson.

Takanohana Oyakata: (Having had similar experiences as the young hope) He faces much older rikishi every single day. When I was his age, I was in a daze all the time. Lookl, he's only 18 and he is already in makuuchi. Kisenosato is doing things that not everyone can experience. All this will certainly benefit him in the future.

Even more Kise: I am moving well and I am feeling stronger.

Tosanoumi: (Winning even after allowing Takamisakari his favorite right sashi) It didn't go at all like I planned. I thought, "Oh,crap," when he got that sashi immediately. But, I won because I was able to grab the left uwate.

Kotooshu: (Looking downcast after his 7th loss, just after seeing a faint light at the end of the tunnel) ....

Kitanoumi Rijicho: (On Koto losing the grip of mawashi and, thus, his advantage) When [a rikishi] gets into his favored position, he must get [and maintain] a firm grasp of the mawashi.

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Hakuho: (After a convincing win over Tochiazuma) Today's sumo was really good. By beating the ozeki, I feel I'm ready to go [against the yokozuna].

Probably, Hakuho doesn't know what to say to media after so many losses.

Sidestepping at the dohyo edge is really not a "really good" sumo, actually. And, he knows that.

He should stop acting like a child showing cool posture and fake confidence...etc....

and dedicate more to his concentration.

Anyway, this basho "was" a good learning experience for him and he should overcome that mental barrier as soon as possible.

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What did Kaio really say where you quote "that's the way the cookie crumbles" ? ;)

"That's the way the senbei shatters." ??? (Showing respect...)

Actually, he said something mundane like, "That's the way things go in a [sumo] match. Can't do much about it (the ubiquitous 'shikataganai')." :-/

I threw that phrase in to see if anyone was actually reading the quotes. (Shaking head...)

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