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Day 10 pics Haru 2005

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Yabi about to pop a vein in his forehead!



some Makushita dude.....cant read his Kanji, must be do doing well though to get his photo in the paper (Shaking head...) his story is here my jonokuchi japanese ability is no match to tell you what it says!

edit - already being discussed in this thread!


who called my mama fat! B-)




like the billboard in the background says..."sharp", very sharp sumo indeed

and case you didnt catch it here it is again!


Todays kimarite goes to Buyuzan who collapsed for Hokutoriki to gift Hoku a win by

koshikudake (inadvertent collapse) - This is when a rikishi falls over backwards without his opponent attempting any technique. It often occurs when a rikishi overcommits to an attack. Koshikudake is recorded outside sumo's official list of winning techniques.


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Is that "unknown" wrestler Kambayashi? 上林 ?

Edit - Whoops, see this was already answered in an earlier thread. Sorry about that.... ごめん!

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Rollercoaster ride comes to an end:


The "look"-different angle:


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The woman (?) in the left-most position in the top picture in this thread looks like an evil witch. Maybe the witch of the west?

Guy in pink shirt and red tie in 2nd picture looks familiar, oyakata...

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