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Featured rikishi - Minatofuji

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The guy somehow could not use his full weight enough to destroy opponents. Did not love him, but did not dislike him either..

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Real name: Takayuki Miura

He is no longer fighting and is nowadays Tatsutagawa Oyakata in the Minato Beya.

He was born on 1968, july 6 in Gunma.

Weight when fighting : 172 kg.

Height : 1,86 m.

Started sumo in 1984, March.

Became Juryo in 1992, January.

Started Makuuci in 1993, July.

Highest Rank : Maegashira 2.

He withdrew in 2002, november. He was fallen in Makushita after a struggling basho as Juryo (he made 3-12).

Carrier record: 601 wins, 631 losses, 34 absences. He got 3 Kinboshi: 2 against Takanohana (techniques used : kainahineri and kubinage!!! (Shaking head...) ) and one against Musashimaru (uwatedashinage!! ;-) )


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It is difficult to find out his feature in addition to the looks or textures of the skin.

It is still more difficult for me to describe objective whether he has been on the register in Makuuchi for a long time with what kind of capability.

Probably his impression and feature will change greatly with subjectivity of the person who saw.

There is no feature in his Torikuchi so much.

But I wonder that he is a strongly individual rikishi.

Everyone accepts the softness of the body which is his feature.

However, it was his skin and subcutaneous fat that was soft, and it was never muscles and a joint.

As for the true softness, I imagine it of Tamakasuga´╝łAlthough become hard by aging now´╝ë.

Tamakasuga demonstrated pliability like the rubber in the end of Dohyo, and earned about 80% of the income there.

If Minatofuji was fully equipped with bodily true softness, the defeat of him who falls on the front by Hiki, Hataki, and Katasukashi did not increase.

On the other hand, the impact-absorbing body which is his boast demonstrated the maximum effect to tsuki-oshi zumo.

Since a opponent's hand caved(stuck) in there, it was not easy for a opponent to Tsukihanashi(push-off).

The opponents who knew that Minatofuji's weak point was the neck which is not uniquely protected by the cushion attacked by Nodowa aggressiveness.

Furthermore, effective tactics were pulling down to the front by Hiki and Hataki, after uprighting him by Nodowa aggressiveness.

It is a well-known fact that the model good at him about the Yotsumi was Migiyotsu.

To be sure, he became Migiyotsu frequently.

And in order that it may prevent a opponent's attack, it is also a fact that it was the most effective means for him.

When it became like this, although he did not lose easily, similarly he was not easy to attack positively.

It is because his best conclusive technique was the Hidari-Shitatenage by Hidari-yotsu.

Although his Migiyotsu is negative tactics, I am evaluating as strategy which is made to attack and invites inattention to a opponent.

If he keeps still at guard of perfect defense, a opponent will fret and will devise a certainly forcing attack.

Occasionally, the opponent also kept the same idea stubbornly, continued fighting patience, and disgusted me.

I do not agree about calling it a O:zumo only for the reason the taken time is long.

The heyday existed also in him with such slow sumo.

He ventured Degeiko frequently to the strongest Futagoyama-beya in this period.

And I thought that he woke up to swift attack sumo.

He showed the sumo which moves forward using Ottsuke without allowing a opponent's Sashide.

Though it was regrettable, it did not last long.

However, he gained Kinboshi from Takanohana.

He did not give Mawashi to Takanohana to the last using Ottsuke.

When Takanoana who had very skillful Sashide inserted the hand forcibly, Minatofuji wrapped it in the soft outer cover skin.

Sashide of Takanohana was made imperfect, he twisted it, and Kainahineri was made successful.

Those days, there was no method of stopping Sashide of Takanohana other than the tactics of Kotonishiki which performed from Tachiai to the victory within 2 seconds.

Minatofuji stopped it by the way nobody can do imitation.

He came to highlight the weakness of a lower half of the body by repeated injury after that.

He also lost more often by Koshikudake like the present Chiyotenzan or Bushuyama.

In the hospital which visited for the visit of Daishi under hospitalization, he showed the last swift attack sumo.

The female doctor who was there is his present wife.

It is said that the speed of employ to win her heart in that case was Denshamichi like Kotonishiki. (Hugging and blushing...)


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Susanoo's post says a lot about Minatofuji already. His absorbing body prompted Konishiki to name him the "Marshmellow man". Eurosport's Syd Hoare usually had two distinct comments about Minatofuji. First was that he was known for having exceptionally strong legs and secondly that he said he draws his power from mother earth.

Minatofuji weighed over 170kg but didn't really look so heavy. Sticky sumo and certain prototype of maegashira soft looking rikishi although he did indeed possess substantial power. That win against Maru was quite a fluke though as Maru was in one of his dozy modes and lost due to being half-awake.

Before his bad ankle injury he never seemed injured either but as Susanoo already pointed out, the last part of his career was injury ridden.

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