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Japanese Sumo News Websites

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Here is a collection of the best Japanese sumo news pages. Some days Kinta san can be busy or sometimes some of us who post these news don't for some reason - for example no one posted Takanohana oyakata taking the heya's rikishis and others to Niigata Prefecture to cook up Chanko for the quake victims still living in temporary housing yesterday.

It's more or less my attempt to teach you to fish. It will be easier to have this page and another opened side by side so you can refer back and forth.

1. Yahoo Sumo Page

The best all around sumo news site - often very timely and covers both general and sports newspaper articles as well as those with wire services.

The page has three sections.

The first has a list of latest news headlines with the date and time posted. If you click any headline, it will take you to the full story. At the bottom right corner of the page there is "もっと見る" (View more) link that will take you to even more news headlines.

On the news page, on the category line "大相撲>ニュース (1/10ページを表示) shows how many pages are available (in this case Page 1 of 10 pages). To get to an older page, just click "次のページ" (Next Page) and to get back to the previous page, just click "前のページ" (Previous Page) at the bottom right hand corner of the page. A headline with a little camera icon has a picture.

Getting back to the main section, the second section has a sumo commentary collection links from Sankei Sports. Often rather interesting tidbits of opinion from Tadashi Imamura, Sankei Sports columnist. Again you click the title of column you want to read.

The third section has sumo related links:

Yahoo! Sports Ozumo Newsflash (more on this in a moment)

Nihon Sumo Kyokai

Ozumo Kiroku no Tamatebako

(Ozumo Record Treasure Box - arguably the most comprehensive rikishi related record database on the net. If you are a sumo fan, this is the website you cannot live without).

Ozumo Kansen Guide

(The beginner's guide to sumo).

On the left sidebar, there are some more stuff of interest.

About the middle of the bar, you will see 関連トピックス (Related Topics), the line below you will see "大相撲" with a little camera icon next to it. By clicking on the link, it will take you to a page with all sumo pictures. Really neat.

Under 特集記事 (Special stories), you will see two links the first will take you to Nikkansports newspaper's Sumo page (see the section on for more details) and Yahoo! Sports Ozumo page (more detail on this will follow).

解説 (Analysis) section has a link to a story from the Chugoku Shimbun dated March 3, 2002 explaining there will be one foreign born rikishi per heya. A rather old news story I have no idea why it's here.

Under 用語 (Terminology), there are two links, 第2新弟子検査 (the Secondary New Recruits Physicals) and 大相撲海外公演 (Ozumo Foreign Jyungyo Tournament). This section basically is just a collection of brief sumo term description. If you click on "もっと見る", you will come across another page with five more links with more brief description:

日本相撲協会審判部 (Kyokai's Judges Division)

日本相撲協会役員 (Kyokai's directors)

年寄名跡(親方株) (Toshiyori Share)

大相撲の反則 (Sumo penalty)

横綱審議委員会 (Yokozuna Deliberation Committee)

There is no need to visit these links as you all know what they are as their discussion has taken place somewhere on this Forum.

Back to the sidebar on the main section, under "Yahoo!カテゴリ" (Yahoo Category) you get four main links to take you to specific Yahoo links.

アマチュア相撲 (Amateur sumo website links)

相撲部屋 (Ozumo sumo heya website links)

大相撲 (Ozumo related site links)

力士 (Rikishi related site links)

Basically these sites are what Yahoo Search Engine found for you under the topic.

Next sidebar section is 掲示板 (BBS), by clicking 大相撲 link it will take you to Yahoo's Ozumo BBS open to public (actually there are a few others more or less exclusive to

have you register like mailing list types).


As I mentioned a couple times, another Yahoo! Japan Sumo page is also a good page to bookmark. On the main section it has Makkuuchi and Juryo Torikumi results and banzuke for basho as well as sumo related news.

On the side bar, few other good links are available.

Under 年間スケジュール (Year schedule)

本場所日程 (Basho dates) link

巡業スケジュール (Jyungyo schedule) link

Under 相撲部屋・行司一覧 (Sumo Heya/Gyoji list)

相撲部屋一覧 (Sumo heya) link (this page is similar to the Kyokai's)

行司一覧 (Gyoji list) link (no hiragana with gyoji names)

Under 過去のデータ (Past data)

優勝力士 (Yusho Rikishi) link: By clicking the range of Years in Japanese Era on the top, it has all Yusho rikishis from Showa Year 20 Natsu (1945) when Bishuyama (also was Bishuzan) of Isegahama Beya won with 7 wins and no loss.

三賞力士 (Sansho Winners)

殊勲賞 (Shukun sho link) from Showa Year 22 (1947).

敢闘賞 (Kanto sho link) from Showa Year 22.

技能賞 (Gino sho lin) from Showa Year 22.

取組結果 (Torikumi Results)

It has up to three years results of Makuuchi rikishis.

Going to the previous Year, click on the left side of the basho title 平成15年 (Heisei Year 15). The basho link page is listed in Japanese kanji like 五月場所 for the May Basho on the second line. To get back to main pag, click 大相撲トップページ on the top row right side.

歴代横綱一覧 (Yokozuna List) link is similar to the Kyokai's.

On the top row, it shows there are two pages. By clicking [初代~50代」 will get you to the first yokozuna Akaishi to the 50th Sadanoyama.

Followed by:

Under Yahoo!カテゴリ (Yahoo! category list)

大相撲 (Ozumo links)

相撲部屋 (Sumo Heya links)

力士 (Rikishi links)

Under Yahoo!コンテンツ (Yahoo! Content)

掲示板 (Yahoo BBS by topics page) link

相撲  (Yahoo Sumo BBS) link

ニュース (Yahoo News page) link

トピックス 大相撲 (Yahoo Sumo News page) link

2. nikkansports

Among all sports dailies, Nikkan is the most reliable and has a less sensational style.

The page often has a top news item with [全文へ] link to see the full story sometimes with a picture.

最新ニュース (Latest News) bar

Here you will see headline links to see the full story. In the brackets you will see the date and time of the story.

On the left side bar links:

取組速報 (Torikumi Newsflash)

Day's results during a basho. Win-loss and kimarite records of all Makuuchi rikishis.

明日の取組 (Next Day's Torikumi)

Next day's Makuuchi torikumi.

取組結果 (Torikumi results)

選択する (Select)

Using the down arrow, you can pick Day's results from 初日 (Shonichi) to 千秋楽 (Senshuraku).

星取表 (Hoshitori table)

Hoshitori table for all Makuuchi rikishis

懸賞金獲得 (Kensho Money Winning)

Rikishi Kensho Total list (based on the number and amount). The amount is based on 55,000 Yen per kensho.

ニッカン式新番付 (Nikkan-style New Banzuke)

Actually this is a great table - it has the following columns.

1st column : Rank

2nd column : Heya, From, Height/Weight, Blood Type and age.

3rd column : Career Earnings (on top of their salary), total Kensho earned (in 10,000 Yen unit), Makuuchi win, Makuuchi losses

4th column : Real name, nickname, wife's name and family (like the number of kids, if single then the number of siblings like Musoyama with one older sister and

Taikai with one older sister and older brother).

5th column: Dohyo debut, Juryo debut, Makuuchi debut (all with Year and Basho) and their Makuuchi winning percentage.

The paper also has several notable "front page" Extras in PDF format from the past. A few are sumo related:

Musashimaru's retirement (November 15, 2003)

Asashoryu's consecutive Yusho (January 15, 2003)

Takanohana's retirement (January 20, 2003)

3. Sanspo Sumo News

This one is also a pretty good sumo news site. It has a list of headline links with date. In addition it also has links to get you to news stories from a particular month, for

instance 2004年 >> 11月 to see the headline links for November 2004.

Little to the left of news headlines, they have:

番付&プロフィール (Banzuke and rikishi profile) link

Actually this page is nice as it has shikona in sumo font (as it's an image you can copy it for your own use) and by clicking a shikona, it will take you to the rikishi stats

page. Very nicely done.

And then you have news story collection link for three rikishis:

朝青龍特集 - Asashoryu 

栃東特集 - Tochiazuma

高見盛特集 - Takamisakari

Then there are records page links:

日程表 - Basho Dates

歴代横綱一覧 - All Yokozuna list with hiragana reading

優勝力士一覧 - Yusho rikish list from Meiji Era Year 42 (1909). You will see four blue boxes on the bottom of this page. First box link: 平成16年~元年 (1989-2004); Second Box link: 昭和63年~47年 (1972-1988); Third box link: 昭和46年~32年 (1957-1971); Fourth box link: 昭和31年~明治42年 (1909-1956).

By clicking any of these boxes will take you to the yusho rikishi list in the year range.

On the Yusho rikishi table, for instance,

First column : Year/Basho 明治42年夏 (Meiji Year 42 Natsu)

Second column: Rikishi name, 高見山酉之助 Takamiyama Torinosuke

Third column: Rank, heya, 前7 高砂 (Maegashira 7 Takasago Beya)

Fourth column: Win/loss, 7 wins and 3 losses.

Fifth column: Number of Yusho (blank if the rikish won only one Yusho).

三賞受賞力士一覧表 - Sansho Rikishi List Link

On this page, there is a table with four columns. First,Year (in Japanese Era, this is Year 平成16年 Heisei 16 Nen and Date, for instance the Kyushu basho is 11月November).

On the second column we have Shukun sho rikishi with their rank in brackets like (前1) for Maegashira 1. Third column has Kanto-sho and the fourth is for Gino-sho award. Incidentally (該当力士なし) - no applicable rikishi means no rikishi was selected for the category in the basho.

On the bottom of the page, there are links to go to the historical pages with 平成16年~平成3年 (1991-2004), 平成2年~昭和53年 (1978-1990), 昭和52年~昭和37年(1962-1977), 昭和36年~22年(1947-1961). Sansho awards were first given in 1947.

Back to the main section.

There are down arrow selection box links.

The first box has the following:

貴乃花データ集 - Takanohana Data collection (not a link)

貴乃花全成績 - Takanohana records from his dohyo debut

貴乃花略年表 - Takanohana career chronology

貴乃花主な記録 - Takanohana major records

名横綱比較表 - Comparison to Taiho, Kitanoumi and Chiyonofuji

特別功労金 - Kyokai Special Career Recognition/Contribution Bonus

On each of these pages, the selection can also be made from the down arrow box on the top right hand side.

Back to the main section, just underneath Takanohana Data down arrow box, there are four more boxes, each box has the records of Hoshitori for Makuuchi rikishi for each basho. The top one is for 2004, then 2003, 2002 and finally for 2002. There are two selections for each basho - one is by rikishi for the 15 days and the other is by torikumi order.

4. Sankei Shimbun Ozumo

On this index page, there are three links:

大相撲 関連記事 (Ozumo related news)

By clicking the line, you will get to the headline page. By clicking on the headline, you will get to the full story page sometimes including a picture. Ther are usually around 50 news stories - to check older stories, click on [2] or [next] at the bottom left hand corner of the page.

中入り後勝負 十両勝負 (Makuuchi and Juryo Basho Bout results)

The day's torikumi and results for Juryo and Makuuchi.

今場所の星取表 (Basho Hoshitori Table)

The basho's Hoshitori records for Juryo and Makuuchi rikishis.

5. Yomiuri Shimbun Sumo News page

Usually there is a top headline news and a link to see the full story [全文へ]. There are headlines of each news item which can be clicked to read the full story.

6. Sports Hochi (a Yomiuri Shimbun Sports Daily)

Compared to the Yomirui listed above, generally more sumo related news on this site but not by a wide margin. On this page the news items are listed in a table format sorted by date. For each day, the headline lists a top news item but there may be more shorter items for a given day once you click the headlie or the date.

7. Sponichi Annex (SpoNichi newspaper)

News items have a headline and brief story line. To read the full story, click "詳細へ" (for more detail). If available there is also a thumbnail pic on the headline section as

well on the full story page.

8. Chunichi Shimbun Sports

On this page there is a link for "番付" page on top. Otherwise it's very similar to other news pages with a list of headlines which you can link to view the full story. The

headlines are sorted by date as well.

Edited by Jonosuke

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