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Visiting Rome

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I finally came around to reading all four parts - thanks for sharing! ;-)

Never made it to the eternal city myself (Lago di Bolsena was about as close as I ever got) but Your excellent reports make me feel different.

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Well, I've been to Rome again, and this time armed with a digital camera. Until I write a full account of that trip, here are some photos of places and monuments already desribed previously...

Column of Aurelius (notice the steel rope holding it from toppling over):

Insides of gothic church of Santa Maria sopra Minerva:

Pantheon, inside and out (the doors are solid bronze):

One of belltowers of S Agnese in Agone (by Boromini) on Piazza Navona:

Fountain of 4 rivers, also on Piazza Navona:

Fountain of turtles and the deposits on it:

Capitoline, the approach and the Dioscuri:

Egyptian lion at the foot of Capitoline, with S Maria Aracoeli in the background:

Bronze Aurelius on horseback:

Capitoline fountain:

Capitoline she-wolf:

Views of Forum:

Capitoline as seen from Forum:

Palatine as seen from Forum:

Arch of Titus:

Ankle-turning roman roads:

Cezar's grave:

Tourism on break 1 - buggy horses having a snack:

Tourism on break 2 - "Roman soldier" having a smoke, and usurping "emperor's" throne the while:

The coloumn with Madonna in front of Santa Maria Maggiore:

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Fifth & sixth trips. With pictures!

To make opening the pictures easier, I made it in html format. This is my first ever attempt at making web-pages, and it shows. (Showing respect...)

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After a loooong pause (spent discovering some other Italian towns) I returned to Rome:

Eighth trip.

Ninth trip.

Warning: contains pictures. (I am not worthy...)

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