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Training pics&news overview Nagoya 2024

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8 min report from Onosato preparing for the basho, training at the heya - in between the parade and local reactions etc

The heya on Anjo o


Asakayama is in Chiryu, Onoe in Kariya, Nakamura in Toyota: keiko there starts at 15h in the afternoon, watching allowed, just as asageiko is at the other heya

- those 4 heya are in the Nishi-Mikawa region - but there was no report of Nakamura-beya and Nishonoseki-beya rikishi meeting on degeiko

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Not in, but may join later: Takerufuji


Terunofuji is in - we'll see if till the end

20240712s10005000119000p_thum.jpgo 20240712-OYT1I50158-1.jpg?type=medium o

final preparations today already in shimekomi - Asanoyama fresh (ozeki) green

20240712s10005000165000p_thum.jpgo 202407120000503-w200_0.jpgo 202407120000503-w200_1.jpgo 202407120000503-w200_2.jpgo

Onosato still in the blue

o9e78d61cc074ebaa8a48b6c4b2d91a14_1.jpgo photo_280x210.jpgo 20240712-OHT1I51375-N.jpgo b_17878765.jpgo 20240712-OHT1I51395-N.jpgo


20240712-OHT1I51099-N.jpgo img_f9aeeea97d0321199027197d471a9e72351342.jpgo AS20240713000395.jpgo


Wakakatakage earlier at butsukari



Heya Nagoya location videos




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Oitekaze-beya training

GSRSagsagAAsM6F?format=jpg&name=thumbo GSRSagsaoAAtDvG?format=jpg&name=thumbo GSRSagxagAE3Pjw?format=jpg&name=thumbo GSRSagzagAE-l_E?format=jpg&name=thumbo GSRRirFagAIN_V5?format=jpg&name=thumbo GSRRk74agAIu5gs?format=jpg&name=thumb


 Asakoryu in a deep green shimekomi, instructing his little brother Ishizaki

202407120001224-w200_0.jpgo 202407120001224-w200_1.jpgo 202407120001224-w200_2.jpgo4.jpgo

Shirokuma in a maybe dark blue shimekomi, maybe the proper black



news clip of Asanoyama at degeiko to Arashio-beya





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