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Haru jungyo 2024

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Day 18 Mito - Ibaraki pref.: the home of Nishonoseki-beya, Takayasu, Akua and from Mito Bushozan, 4000-4200 spectators, Asanowaka yumitori


Terunofuji for the first time was in the torikumi, in return he didn't do keiko

202404260001113-w200_0.jpg o

also Inosuke had fun at the last bout, vs. Kirishima

more 4k videos of bouts:"Sumo Mito Tour"

the pref. locals at the talk event, Nishonoseki was also there, watching Onosato and others

4.jpgo  202404260001095-w200_1.jpgo

the focus was on Takayasu - he lived in Mito till age 3, 1-2 in bouts with Daieisho and others


Onosato got another butsukari of repentance from him

20240426-OYT1I50174-1.jpg?type=mediumo202404260001095-w200_0.jpgo20240426-OHT1I51263-N.jpgo202404260001095-w200_2.jpgo 202404260001095-w200_3.jpgoimg_6b253868e1d89b4a276e56e34961c592287161.jpg

and mom was there

202404260001095-w200_4.jpgo 202404260001095-w200_5.jpgo


the 3 ozeki present did moushi-ai keiko, Kotonowaka was 7-4 with also Daieisho


1070023984_20240426184445_s.jpg 1000104149_20240426184941_s.jpgvid


dohyo preparations on the 24th


and 25th



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Posted (edited)

Day 19 Tokorozawa, back to Saitama, this time Hokutofuji's hometown -

the talk event appearance was obligatory for him this time, he joined the other Saitama locals


Terunofuji for the first time did both training bouts and torikumi - 5-2 in bouts with Hiradoumi

202404270001242-w200_0.jpgo20240427-OHT1I51286-N.jpgo 202404270001242-w200_1.jpgo 202404270000705-w200_2.jpgob_17590058.jpgo b_17590008.jpgo 4.jpgo 20240427-OHT1I51199-N.jpgo202404270001242-w200_3.jpgob_17590010.jpgo4.jpgo 202404270000705-w200_5.jpgo

and revenge butsukari for him for the losses, one of them decisive

photo_280x210.jpgob_17590056.jpgo202404270001242-w200_2.jpgo  b_17590057.jpgo


he himself got butsukari from Daieisho


Hiradoumi first did 7 bouts with Gonoyama, Kotoshoho ...

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Terunofuji asked about his injuries- "Much better, but still have pains, especially when I overdo it in training. Back pains or knee pains? Both. " Still, has been training seriously.

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Still Saitama on the 20th and last day of the jungyo - and last day of Kotonowaka, tomorrow with the new banzuke he's Kotozakura - the last 3 days Asanowaka did the yumitori

The Saitama trio was again at the talk event on the dohyo, and yesterday at the parade of the festivities for the local celebrity after which also this jungyo basho was named: the Shibusawa Eiichi Fukaya basho, the face on the new 10 000Yen banknotes o



Fukaya local is Gonowaka


Kotonowaka trained with Hoshoryu: 7-4

img_9311a450b9fcb9e415ac1eddba0c0467273905.jpgo 202404280000607-w200_3.jpgophoto_280x210.jpgo202404280000607-w200_2.jpgo 202404280000607-w200_4.jpgo b_17594116.jpgo b_17594117.jpgo b_17593988.jpgo b_17593987.jpgo 4.jpgo4.jpgo  20240428-OHT1I51165-N.jpgo  20240428-OYT1I50052-1.jpg?type=mediumob_17593989.jpgo

lending his chest to the young ones



Onosato once more with Takayasu - again whipped with love for about 8 min.



final call for Kotonowaka, also here with Hoshoryu - he had been asked for autographs as Kotozakura, he refused

20240428s00005000471000p_thum.jpgo202404280000607-w200_0.jpgo 202404280000607-w200_1.jpgo


Sakaigawa watching - task completed for the first jungyo tour under his command



Playlist from Tokorozawa

other videos




more from Mito, after 5 years again a jungyo there: dohyo-iri o


AS20240427001165.jpgo AS20240427001163.jpgo 



Terunofuji training with Kirishima

Onosato with Takayasu

Onosato with fans and without hairdo

3 ozeki at keiko


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On 05/04/2024 at 09:31, Akinomaki said:

Day 5 Inuyama, Aichi - about 2800 spectators - Asanowaka yumitori

semi locals: Sadanoumi had lived there, Agoura (Iima) graduated from there, the Inuyama campus of the Nagoya university of Economics - and of course he won his torikumi:

Local TV news clip from the Inuyama jungyo, including a detailed interview with Agoura


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