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Le Petit Banzuke lllustre "6

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Hi !

The Kyushu basho is comming soon, and it's time for the "Petit Banzuke Illustre" to show up.


In this 6th issue, you will find

- the makuuchi banzuke, with large pictures and updated data on the rikishi

- the juryo banzuke, also with pictures and updated data

- trivia on the banzuke, but also the average height, weight and age of the rikishi of each division

- and much more...

As usual, it is free to downlad here :

And at last, any comments, suggestions or whatever are welcome !

Have a nice Kyushu basho,

salut !

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I'm fully aware of the risk to repeat myself, but: Great Work! (Hugging...)

The statistics about weights and heights per division are particularly interesting. Strange that Juryo has about the same weight as Makunouchi, but is significantly shorter. With veteran Fujinawa dropping to Jonokuchi at 215.5 kg, has there ever been a 200+ Jonokuchi rikishi before?

Browsing through the banzuke pictures, I noticed Hakuho's kesho mawashi for the first time:


Does anybody know what the romaji letters "SOD" stand for?

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As told by Sasanishiki in an earlier thread:

"Super oxide dismutase (SOD), is one of two important metabolic enzymes. SOD protects and revitalizes cells, and reduces the rate of cell destruction. As we age SOD levels decrease, while free radical production increases. This enzyme neutralizes the most dangerous free radicals, the superoxide radicals, before they can wreak havoc on the body. Super oxide dismutase is found naturally in barley grass, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, wheatgrass, and most green plants."

The mawashi is from the Niwa SOD Research Group, whoever they might be.

Search function is your friend.

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Well, I excepted more articles, but quality is better than quantity!! As always, I think the pronostics are quite odd... Tochiazuma with 7 victories, and Musoyama with 6 (he is kabodan, as always he will do 8/7 to save his rank... (Sigh...) )

By the way, I thought Roho and his brother were from North Ossetia, and not from Moscow... Am I wrong, ot is there a little mistake in the paper? :-P

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