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Annual Sumo Polls 'Game'

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I am putting this here, for those forum visitors who like 'sumo games', but don't check out the polls.

This is because, these 'polls' are like a 'sumo game' in that we compete against each other, and yushos (and sometimes other prizes) do get awarded.


Copying, pasting and adapting from the message that I have just sent to the Bench Sumo Mailing List....


Hi everyone,

This is my 19th year of making 'annual polls'.for sumo at Sumo Forum. These are made after the last basho of the year, and involve predictions for the coming year. At the end of the year, we look back at the polls, and see who came closest to being correct in the predictions. I then endeavour to award yahoo, and possibly jun-yushos to the best predictors - and maybe even award a special prize or two.
Usually about 20 people attempt each poll. I would like to get the number up closer to 30, if at all possible :-)
Here is the list (and direct links to the polls) for next year's predictions.....
Many thanks!

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