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Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Kyushu 2023

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Entries received Day 15:
(winners in bold)

Many similar pics so more or less the same fate for most of the players.

  Jakusotsu Kirishima Takarafuji Tsurugisho  
  Tsunamiko Abi Takarafuji Tsurugisho  
  Gernobono Kirishima Takarafuji Tsurugisho  
  Fujisan X X X  
  Athenayama Kirishima Takarafuji Tamawashi  
  RaeucherLax Kirishima Takarafuji Tsurugisho  
  Gaijingai Kirishima Takarafuji Tsurugisho  
  Sumo Spiffy Kirishima Takarafuji Tobizaru  
  Tetsuba Kirishima Takarafuji Tsurugisho  
  Bunbukuchagama Kirishima Tobizaru Tsurugisho  
  WAKATAKE Kirishima Churanoumi Myogiryu  
  shimodahito Kirishima Shonannoumi Takarafuji  

Final standings :
No big suspense as most of the players scored with the same rikishi today hence achieved the same total. As a consequence there was no changes in the standings compared with yesterday.
The yusho goes to @tsunamiko who was in the lead from day 5 to never let it go. Congrats !
Jun yusho goes to @Gaijingai 
Scores of the day : WAKATAKE (10), Tsunamiko and Fujisan scored zero points. All the others scored 5 points.

  Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total  
  Tsunamiko 113 60 173  
  Gaijingai 79 75 154  
  shimodahito 97 57 154  
  Tetsuba 85 60 145  
  Jakusotsu 79 57 136  
  Gernobono 83 51 134  
  Bunbukuchagama 62 69 131  
  RaeucherLax 64 57 121  
  Athenayama 64 57 121  
  Sumo Spiffy 63 51 114  
  WAKATAKE 49 57 106  
  Fujisan 52 36 88  

Thanks to all the players, thanks to @sakura for running the game  and we hope to see you all again in 2 months and maybe wth some new players!




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