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I visited Japan for a few weeks back in April (2023) and during a day trip in Tokyo (while backpacking around the country with a JR pass) I managed to squeeze in a walk by Naruto beya when going between Asakusa and the Skytree. I was lucky enough to encounter these young gentlemen doing some chores outside and they were gracious enough to allow a photo. Does anyone here recognize them? I meant to ask their names but then got distracted when my wife who met me in Tokyo for the day asked if the Oyakata was around as well (he was busy with a guest). Normally I pick up a copy of the Sumo Directory but my last volume is from 2017 and I forgot to pick one up this year. Thanks in advance.





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1 hour ago, rokudenashi said:

Ōshōumi on the left and Karino on the right 

Definitely agree about Oshoumi; 90% sure on Karino.  Good call.

@Mukonoso, thanks for the pictures.

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