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Aki 2023 day After pics overview

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The morning after interview not in the heya as usual but in the kokugikan


with Nikkan Sports for Nikkan Sports


202309250000333-w200_4.jpgo 202309250000333-w200_5.jpgo 202309250000333-w200_6.jpgo AS20230925001553.jpgo b_16848842.jpgo 4.jpgo 4.jpgo 20230925-OHT1I51362-N.jpgo 20230925s00005000347000p_thum.jpgo 20230925-OYT1I50083-1.jpg?type=mediumo

4th yusho


4 kanji phrase 臥薪嘗胆 ganshin shoutan - enduring unspeakable hardships to reach one's goal

202309250000333-w200_3.jpgo 202309250000333-w200_1.jpgob_16848843.jpgo 20230925at29S_t.jpgocbbbec8d2b0df8b65ed93fab09cd3048_1.jpgo20230925-OHT1I51073-N.jpgo


and also the runner-up got interviewed - by local NHK: first half a recap of day 15


YDC top Yamauchi talking to the press


a banner to celebrate the juryo yusho (and imminent makuuchi re-promotion) of Ichiyamamoto gets prepared in the town hall of Fukushima town (hometown of Chiyonofuji and Chiyonoyama), where he worked before turning pro


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4 hours ago, hakutorizakura said:

That 4 is weird. I thought he was holding a huge banana.

...or turned into a Dolphins fan.

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The Tokyo press photographers association announced their Grand Prix selection of outstanding photos of the year. For the sports category/national this photo from Sankei shimbun of Ura oshidashi Daieisho from Aki basho day 6 was chosen as the best - Title: Tonde Shiroboshi 飛んで白星 - win in flight (maybe also inspired by the title of the recent film Tonde Saitama - Daieisho's home pref., with also Tomisakae). o


others that day

On 16/09/2023 at 11:14, Akinomaki said:

M4w Ura (3-3) oshidashi S1e Daieisho (2-4)
img_e1d56e7adb0d280ce6976b8b8daa6b27303810.jpgo b_16814459.jpgo b_16814458.jpgo b_16817888.jpgo b_16817887.jpgo4.jpgo

I still haven't added a routine to my overview yet to include the Sankei group pics (Sankei shimbun, Sanspo, ZakZak) again in their present format

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