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Salarycap Sumo Kyushu Invitation

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Its back! Salarycap Sumo, the game that challenges you to manage your money wisely while picking a winning team, is up and running for Kyushu! New players are always welcome, and often upward movement is quite fast!

For the new people:

Salarycap Sumo puts performance based prices on all of the rikishi before each basho. Each contestant is given 1000 fictional yen to spend on UP TO 10 rikishi(note, you don't have to pick all 10) and then the team is arranged in your preference, with your top choice getting 10 times his score for the basho, the next getting 9 times, etc. Placement of rikishi is just as important as the purchasing phase, so be careful!

Some things to note about the entry page:

If you are going to be absent PLEASE email me at or hit the appropriate button on the site.

When you make your entry, go to the "Results" page to make sure your entry stuck. If your name is on the entry page, you're in the database.

Now on to some mentionings on the cost of various rikishi this time around:

Asashoryu is still the most expensive, but is down to 444 from a high above 500 last basho.

Kisenosato nee Hagiwara is the least expensive rikishi in Salarycap history, at a mere 41.

The average cost for a rikishi is 133, a little higher than last time due to the high number of kin and ginboshis last basho.

If anyone has any questions, let me know at

Salarycap Sumo is at:

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