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Ishinriki at his recent retirement from pro-wrestling mentioned that he wants to challenge there for his 3rd career, together with his son, and now he finished 2nd in the masters above 60 years category at the Tokyo Novice bodybuilding championships on the 3rd. He got down to 72kg from 80kg in 3 months for this.

Sumo for the free pose


ex-Kiyonofuji lost there in the preliminaries


On 17/10/2013 at 22:43, Akinomaki said:

Former juryo Kiyonofuji (47) has turned body-builder.

He opened a business for medical care as licensed Anma masseur when 40. After the business was on track, at 45 he wanted to have a new challenge and intensified his gym training. From top 150kg (174 cm) he went to 83kg, with a body fat percentage of 6%.

Gym representative Miyahata (72), who was 4th in the mister universe middleweight class: “A former rikishi turned body builder is a novelty.”

He went to that gym since the age of 19 while rikishi, noticed the members who trained for body-building events and was interested in it also then. He trains to compete at local events.

He had quit bodybuilding for a while, but wanted to return after a hip joint surgery 2 years ago and restarted at an event last October.


Ex-rikishi and ex-bodybuilder ex-Asakishin should get a mention here as well

On 28/02/2015 at 19:18, Akinomaki said:

One standing out among the 43 new recruits at the shin-deshi kensa was former bodybuilder (5th in a national event for newcomers) Yamabana (22, 182cm, 129 kg) for Takasago-beya. A friend made him enter, he has neither experience nor knowledge of sumo

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Kiyonofuji was my coach for the 2006 Sumo World Championships. He was dating a colourful Sumo personality at the time so she arranged for him to coach our team. I did exactly what he said and won a bout or two. Really nice guy. He was young enough not to get the melted candle look when he lost weight. 

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