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Banzuke for Natsu 2023

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Yeah, ideally they're treating it based on the W-L differential so that 3-5 at -2 is given a demotion about halfway between 3-4 at -1 and 2-5 at -3, and usually it's apparent that they at least tried to do it, too. It's hard to look at Tsukahara's demotion and see any evidence of it, though.

The unprecedented case of three 8th bouts in Nagoya 2022 went rather differently for the two rikishi that won. First up:

Ms4e Kamito 3-4 -> Ms6e
Ms4w Chiyonoumi 3-4 -> Ms6w
Ms6e Akiseyama 3-5 -> Ms11w
Ms9e Kainoshima 3-4 -> Ms13e
Ms9w Tsurubayashi 3-4 -> Ms14e

The closest 2-5 here was actually Chiyoarashi's 2-6 with a loss which went Ms5e -> Ms15w, so Akiseyama was clearly treated better than that, but worse than the surrounding 3-4's (although not by much).

However, the other one:

Ms11w Kitaharima 3-4 -> Ms19w
Ms13e Oki 3-5 -> Ms22e
Ms16w Asagyokusei 3-4 -> Ms25w

No 2-5 was really close by, but the next one down went Ms19e -> Ms40e.

The aforementioned case involving Sagatsukasa was one of the more appropriately decided ones.

Ms1w Sagatsukasa 3-5 -> Ms10w
Ms2e Kizenryu 3-4 - Ms7w
Ms5e Kotokuni 3-4 -> Ms11e

Ms4w Hamaguchi 2-3-2 -> Ms16w
Ms5w Higoarashi 2-5 -> Ms18e

Tsukahara's 9.5 ranks down is in line with a full 5-loss demotion, even on the harsh side by today's standards. Personally I feel he would have been appropriately ranked at either Ms8w or Ms9e. More leniency would be hard to justify since the whole area really is quite crowded. (Ms1e Tsukahara 3-5 / Ms4w Kaisho 3-4 is essentially the same as Sagatsukasa / Kotokuni, and Kaisho went to Ms9e.)

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