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Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Haru 2023

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Entries received Day 15 :
(winners in bold)

Everybody honored senshuraku !

  Jakusotsu Hoshoryu Chiyoshoma Tsurugisho  
  Tsunamiko Wakamotoharu Endo Chiyoshoma  
  Athenayama Hoshoryu Nishikigi Takarafuji  
  Bunbukuchagama Tobizaru Hoshoryu Tsurugisho  
  Fujisan Hoshoryu Endo Takarafuji  
  Gernobono Hoshoryu Mitakeumi Tsurugisho  
  Sumo Spiffy Hoshoryu Mitakeumi Tsurugisho  
  Tetsuba Hoshoryu Mitakeumi Tsurugisho  
  RaeucherLax Wakamotoharu Tobizaru Chiyoshoma  
  shimodahito Hoshoryu Takarafuji Tsurugisho  
  Gaijingai Hoshoryu Mitakeumi Oho  
  Henshu-sha Wakamotoharu Endo Chiyoshoma  

Final Standings:
There were no extra big scores so as our rookie was comfortably ahead, he didn't sweat too much on senshuraku. Congratulations to @Tetsuba for the Yusho on his first attempt !
Jun-Yusho goes to Athenayama.
Scores of the day : Athenayama (13), shimodahito (13), Bunbukuchagama (10), Tsunamiko (8), Fujisan (8), Henshu-sha (8), RaeucherLax (8), Tetsuba (5), Gernobono (5), Jakusotsu (5),   Sumo Spiffy (5), Gaijingai (0). 

  Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total  
  Tetsuba 131 86 217  
  Athenayama 112 90 202  
  Gernobono 119 71 190  
  Tsunamiko 125 62 187  
  Bunbukuchagama 102 84 186  
  Fujisan 114 66 180  
  Gaijingai 99 75 174  
  Henshu-sha 92 72 164  
  Jakusotsu 91 72 163  
  RaeucherLax 73 62 135  
  Sumo Spiffy 68 57 125  
  shimodahito 70 53 123  
Edited by Athenayama
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Thank you all for playing and thank you to @Athenayama for calculating the daily scores, it is a massive help to me.

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