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Seki-Toto/Quad/Oracle banzuke for Kyushu 2022

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Seki-Toto (play):

Recently underperforming yokozuna Pandaazuma's flirt with disaster found a happy ending in Aki basho after all. Having already survived one do-or-die basho in July, he cleared the second hurdle with ease and not only posted the required kachikoshi, but even finished doten runner-up at 12-3. His previous bad results are now sufficiently far in the past that he's safe for at least the next two tournaments, and I trust that it will stay that way. Fellow yokozuna Norizo missed double digits for the second straight tournament, suffering a hard luck fall from 9-2 to 9-6 in the closing days of the tournament.

That was still a lot better than the ozeki trio managed to put up, however. After all of them scored at least 10 wins last time out - including Ganzohnesushi doing enough to be put on tsunatori watch and Joaoiyama earning promotion to ozeki in the first place - Aki basho saw makekoshi all around for an upcoming triple kadoban in Kyushu.

We will nevertheless have one ozeki who isn't kadoban thanks to another promotion. This one's of a non-standard kind:

2022.03 M4w 11-4 J
2022.05 K2w kosho
2022.07 M2w 11-4
2022.09 K2w 11-4

I try to not hold kosho tournaments against prospective ozeki runs, and obviously if the Nagoya banzuke hadn't been hurting for space and required that big kosho drop to M2 to make it work, the  player's Aki ranking would have been sekiwake rather than komusubi and this would be a no-doubter. Consequently I decided to pull the trigger anyway - we've had ozeki promotions from komusubi before, although I don't remember off-hand if there was a three-basho run in there or just exceptional two-basho performances (e.g. yusho+yusho and the like). Be that as it may, congrats to...Golynohana!

The new banzuke is another one where lack of sanyaku space impacted multiple players, and this time even the yusho winner. Kaito finished 12-3 all the way up at M1w, immediately followed by runner-up M2e Athenayama, but both only moved up to komusubi. Things continued in rather ugly fashion despite a decent enough count of 7 makekoshi among the top 20 players (who scored 8.75 wins on average) - it didn't help that three of them were the aforementioned ozeki MK, which didn't clear any space. This session's special apologies go to Andoreasu, who really should have gone to sanyaku but didn't, and Jakusotsu, stuck behind an 8-7 I couldn't find the heart to demote since the other joi 8-7's also didn't have to drop.

Pandaazuma (Ye 12-3 D)        Y    Norizo (Yw 9-6)
ScreechingOwl (O1w 7-8)       O1   Joaoiyama (O2e 7-8)
Ganzohnesushi (O1e 5-10)      O2   Golynohana (K2w 11-4)
Oskahanada (S1e 9-6)          S1   Konosato (S1w 9-6)
Kintamayama (S2w 9-6)         S2   Unkonoyama (K1e 11-3-1)
Kaito (M1w 12-3 Y)            K    Athenayama (M2e 12-3 D)

Andoreasu (M4w 11-4)          M1   Toonoryu (M3w 9-6)
Metzinowaka (M2w 8-7)         M2   Kotononami (M3e 8-7)
Susanoo (K1w 7-8)             M3   Oortael (S2e 6-9)
Kajiyanosho (M6e 9-6)         M4   Flohru (M6w 9-6)
DeRosa (M5e 8-7)              M5   Jakusotsu (M8w 10-5)
Asapedroryu (M9e 9-6)         M6   Terarno (M1e 6-9)
Bill (M11w 10-5)              M7   Gaanaa (M4e 7-8)
Herritarooo (M11e 9-6)        M8   Umigame (M13w 10-5)
Chishafuwaku (M5w 7-8)        M9   Fujisan (M14e 9-6)
Sakura (M12w 8-6-1)           M10  Achiyama (M13e 8-7)
Taka (M10w kosho)             M11  Gawasukotto (M15w 9-6)
Hana-ichi (M9w 7-8)           M12  Onakaderu (J2e 9-6)
Hidenotora (M8e 5-10)         M13  Chelseayama (M7e 4-10-1)
Chijanofuji (M7w 4-11)        M14  Chankoyama (M10e 5-10)
Tomisakae (J3w 8-6-1)         M15  Kitakachiyama (J6e 9-6)

Takanorappa (J1e 7-8)         J1   Asashosakari (J1w kosho)
Frinkanohana (M15e 6-9)       J2   Gernobono (M14w 5-10)
Kishikaisei (M12e 3-11-1)     J3   Saruyama (J11w 9-6)
Gansekiiwa (J4e 7-8)          J4   Ahokaina (J4w 7-8)
GONZABUROW (J5e 7-8)          J5   Kobashi (J5w 7-7-1)
Kuroimori (J2w 5-10)          J6   Mmikasazuma (J6w kosho)
Andonishiki (J3e 5-8-2)       J7   Balon (J7w 7-8)
Holleshoryu (Ms1e 9-6)        J8   Oshirokita (J13w 8-7)
Akishiki (J7e 6-9)            J9   Mariohana (J9w kosho)
Benihana (J8e 6-8-1)          J10  Choshu-yuki (J8w 6-9)
Chudorj (Ms4e 9-6)            J11  Anjoboshi (Ms2e 8-7)
Kashunowaka (Ms2w 8-7)        J12  Getayukata (J12w kosho)
Kyoju (J13e 7-8)              J13  Effinojo (J11e 6-5-4)
Kaiowaka (J14e 7-8)           J14  Ketsukai (J9e 5-9-1)

Rowitoro (J12e 6-9)           Ms1  Ulishimaru (Ms1w 7-8)
Profomisakari (J10e 5-10)     Ms2  Netsuzakura (J10w 5-9-1)
Neko (J14w 6-5-4)             Ms3  Nantonoyama (Ms3w kosho)
HaraKiri (NR 8-7)             Ms4  Oyama (Ms4w 6-9)
Dan Koloff (Ms5e 6-9)         Ms5  Unagiyutaka2 (Ms6w 6-5-4)
WAKATAKE (Ms7w 5-10)          Ms6  Gusoyama (Ms8e 5-10)
Aderechelseamaru (Ms7e kosho) Ms7  Koorifuu (NR 5-8-2)
BariiHachiBenson (Ms5w 3-5-7) Ms8  Sherlockiama (Ms3e 0-3-12)
Iruka (NR 1-1-13)             Ms9  Sutarokku (Ms9e 0-0-15)

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The detailed summaries for Quad and Oracle will be added here later today, their banzuke can be viewed on the game site for now (QuadOracle)

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