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Break the Curse Kyushu 2022

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Sorry missed day 14 unavoidable..




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Entries received Day 15

Gaijingai Tamawashi Hokutofuji Kagayaki
Tenshinhan Tamawashi Hokutofuji Kagayaki
Athenayama Tamawashi Midorifuji Kagayaki
Sumo Spiffy Tamawashi Kagayaki Midorifuji
tsunamiko Tamawashi Kagayaki Aoiyama
RaeucherLax Hokutofuji Tamawashi Midorifuji
WAKATAKE Ura Oho Kagayaki
gernobono Tamawashi Midorifuji Kagayaki
Jakusotsu Hokutofuji Midorifuji Kagayaki
shimodahito Hokutofuji Nishikigi Aoiyama
Fujisan Tamawashi Kagayaki Aoiyama

Standings after Day 15

Name Base Pts Bonus Pts Total
Gaijingai 95 75 170
Tenshinhan 104 66 170
RaeucherLax 78 81 159
Athenayama 73 83 156
tsunamiko 97 54 151
Sumo Spiffy 79 71 150
shimodahito 75 63 138
gernobono 78 60 138
Jakusotsu 73 63 136
WAKATAKE 62 63 125
Fujisan 72 39 111


@Gaijingai and @Tenshinhan tie on points, but Gaijingai wins the tie-breaker.

Congratulations, @Gaijingai on the yusho!

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