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JWS Kyushu 2022

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Welcome to JWS Kyushu 2022! Player HaraKiri won the yusho in his game debut, will he be able to repeat as game winner this time? 

Registration link is posted below, followed by our rules. We are pretty consistent with 10+ players participating, but it would be great if we could get to 15 players. Hoping to see everyone in here again, plus new players open to participating!


1. Pick one Juryo rikishi from the 28 ranked on the banzuke that you think will win for the day
2. A win will add to your streak, a loss will stop the streak completely
3. All Juryo rikishi are eligible for daily picks, even those in makuuchi or makushita crossover matches. However, you cannot pick their makuuchi or makushita opponents
4. You can play by submitting picks via the Survey Monkey link, posting here in this thread, by PM, or by email
5. Deadline for daily picks is 2pm Japan time (10pm Pacific Standard time), late submissions will not be accepted. Senshuraku deadline for picks is 1:30pm Japan time (9:30pm Pacific Standard Time) due to the early start times
6. Matches involving a kyujo rikishi (withdrawal) will not be eligible for submission
7. You can play daily with picks in the link, or you can use default submissions (or post in the forum)
8. Please designate 1st, 2nd, and 3rd default picks for the basho
   a. Your default pick is used if you do not submit a daily pick, or if your daily pick is involved in a kyujo match
   b. Your 1st default will be substituted with your 2nd default if they go kyujo, and 3rd default if the 1st and 2nd are both involved in kyujo matches
   c. If all four picks (one daily, three defaults) are involved in a kyujo match, you will automatically have a loss for the day
   d. Default picks can be changed at any time
9. Anyone is allowed to play, whether you are a forum member or not. Participation includes any method via rule 4
10. The player with the longest streak in the game for the basho will be declared the yusho winner
11. In the case of a tie for longest streak of the basho, a tiebreaker will will be used to determine the winner
12. Active streaks that do not end on senshuraku (last day) of the basho will continue into the next basho from day 1


1. Picking the same rikishi the most times
2. Second longest streak
3. Winning streaks of your 1st, then 2nd tiebreaker picks
   a. Tiebreaker picks MUST be submitted on day 1
   b. No late submissions accepted for tiebreaker picks
   c. Tiebreaker picks will have no effect on your main game daily or default picks
   d. You are allowed to use the same picks for tiebreaker and default
4. Most picks with the least consensus among your peers (if you picked someone who was not picked by most other players)
5. Picking rikishi with losing records to win
6. Strength of schedule based on the final records of the opponents beaten during your streak
7. Wins by picks against higher ranked rikishi
8. Earliest submissions


Kekka scoring:

Your kekka record/scoring is determined on a curve factor. The longest streaks of all players are added at the end of the basho and the total sum of the streaks is then divided by the number of players in the game to get the average streak up to the second decimal. The score is then rounded up to the next whole number to determine the KK line. 

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Kosho, please!


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Day 1 submissions:

Akogyokuseki - Churanoumi
Benihana - Yutakayama
Athenayama - Hidenoumi
Gaijingai - Kinbozan
Sumo Spiffy - Kinbozan
Flohru - Kinbozan
Fujisan - Yutakayama
Koorifuu - Hidenoumi
WAKATAKE - Kinbozan

Kinbozan is the pick of the day with 4 votes

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Day 1 results:

Churanoumi - loss (Akogyokuseki)
Yutakayama - loss (Benihana, Fujisan)
Hidenoumi - win (Athenayama, Koorifuu)
Kinbozan - loss (Gaijingai, Sumo Spiffy, Flohru, WAKATAKE)

JWS Kyushu action is on! But it turned out to be a poor performing day for the playing field, with 7 of 9 players picking losing wrestlers. Athenayama and Koorifuu take charge, with both of them now having two consecutive wins thanks to winning on day 15 in September. How will fare in the days to come?

Streaks from Aki 2022

2 - Athenayama, Koorifuu

Active streaks Kyushu 2022

1 - Athenayama, Koorifuu

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Day 2 submissions:

Akogyokuseki - Kaisho
Koorifuu - Tohakuryu
Flohru - Hokuseiho
Athenayama - Tochimusashi
Sumo Spiffy - Hokuseiho
Gaijingai - Tsushimanada
Benihana - Tsurugisho
Fujisan - Tsushimanada
WAKATAKE - Tochimusashi*

*=Default used

Hokuseiho, Tochimusashi and Tsushimanada all are pick of the day with 2 votes each

Edited by WAKATAKE

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Day 2 results:

Kaisho - win (Akogyokuseki)
Tohakuryu - win (Koorifuu)
Hokuseiho - loss (Flohru, Sumo Spiffy)
Tochimusashi - loss (Athenayama, WAKATAKE)
Tsushimanada - loss (Gaijingai, Fujisan)
Tsurugisho - win (Benihana)

The interesting pattern today was that all the single pick wrestlers won today. Koorifuu now takes the lead on his own, followed by Akogyokuseki and Benihana

Steaks from Aki 2022:

3 - Koorifuu

Active streaks Kyushu 2022:

2 - Koorifuu
1 - Akogyokuseki, Benihana

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Hi all, I fell asleep last night and forgot to make the links for day 12. Please post here for your daily choices, thank you

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Default picks -






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