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It seems to be a book of makuuchi rikishi published in the year Ka'ei 2 (1849) - corresponding banzuke here. The rikishi in each page (not matching up to banzuke order) should be:

  1. Kagamiiwa and Tsurugizan
  2. Tomozuna, Arakuma, Iōzan, Goyōboku
  3. Itsukushima, Tsuneyama, Inagawa, Koyanagi
  4. Kuroiwa, Ichiriki, Kumo'udake, Musashino
  5. Arauma, Hidenoyama, Ikuzuki

The text above each rikishi seems to be their bio: I can make out references to e.g. Ōnomatsu, changes in names, fairly standard phrasing of where they were born, but I can't read all of it.

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