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Hi everyone, 

after spending some time reading here in the forum now I signed in at last.

I am from Germany, and back in the nineties I watched sumo on TV with my dad. My favourite rikishi was Wakanohana, though I was impressed by the whole atmosphere of the events. In the following years I somehow lost contact to the stuff, but any random mention in a film or a magazine reminded me what a cool sport it was. At the beginning of the pandemic I began to rediscover sumo for myself, along with a growing interest in Japanese culture. I hope one day I'll visit the place.

I do appreciate the wealth of enthusiasm and knowledege here on this platform and I am happy I found it. Looking forward to learn!

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Welcome to the Forum, lilfox!  We are glad you joined.  We look forward to your comments.  Everyone is welcome to join in the discussions.

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