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Aki Basho 2022

Aki Basho 2022  

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  1. 1. The Wall

    • Nishikifuji misses makuuchi wall - 2nd try
    • Nishikifuji hits makuuchi wall - 2nd try
    • Mitoryu misses makuuchi wall - 1st try
    • Mitoryu hits makuuchi wall - 1st try
    • Hiradoumi misses makuuchi wall - 1st try
    • Hiradoumi hits makuuchi wall - 1st try
    • Oshoma misses juryo wall - 1st try
    • Oshoma hits juryo wall - 1st try
    • Chiyosakae misses juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Chiyosakae hits juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Gonoyama misses juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Gonoyama hits juryo wall - 2nd try
    • Kinbozan misses juryo wall - 1st try
    • Kinbozan hits juryo wall - 1st try
    • Tochimusashi misses juryo wall - 1st try
    • Tochimusashi hits juryo wall - 1st try
  2. 2. Promotion/demotion/kadoban

    • Mitakeumi KK - stays Ozeki
    • Mitakeumi MK - demotion to Sekiwake
    • Shodai KK
    • Shodai MK - kadoban
    • Takakeisho KK
    • Takakeisho MK - kadoban
    • Asanoyama Makushita zensho yusho - promotion to Juryo
    • Asanoyama KK - stays in Makushita
  3. 3. Guess the colour of the giant macaron

    • red
    • yellow
    • green
    • blue
    • brown
    • purple
    • pink
    • gold
    • black
    • other colour, please specify in comments

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  • Poll closed on 11/09/22 at 04:00

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Disclaimer/introduction for new players

The Wall:

If a sumotori gets his first makekoshi (MK = losing record) in that respective division, it's called "hitting the wall" (KK = winning record, means missing the wall, which is a good thing). This basho we have Nishikifuji and newly promoted Mitpryu and Hiradoumi in makuuchi. Mitoryu looked like a rising star, when he first entered juryo for Hatsu 2018, but then he was stuck there for 27 basho. At least he didn't drop back to Makushita. In Juryo we have Oshoma, Chiyosakae, Gonoyama and the noobs Kinbozan and Tochimusashi. Oshoma was forced to withdraw covid related last basho, so he'll get another 1st try.


An Ozeki winning less then 8 bouts is set on the kadoban status. If he doesn't score 8 wins the following basho, he is demoted to Sekiwake. Mitakeumi was kadoban last basho, but was forced to withdraw covid related. Because it was a forced drop-out, he remained Ozeki, but is still on kadoban status.

Asanoyama had to drop out of Natsu 2021, because he violated covid rules and subsequently got caught lying. An additional 6 basho suspension had him drop from Ozeki to Sandanme 22w. After a 7-0 from there, he's back to Makushita 15e. With another 7-0 yusho, he'll be back to Juryo.

Guess the colour of the giant macaron:

One of the prizes for the yusho winner is a giant fake macaron (as placeholder for a load of real, normal sized macarons from one of the best Pâtisseries in Paris). The colour varies and it has become a popular game to guess it.

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