Push the Sumo Wrestler Out - and Other Challenges

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I'm in tears from laughing so hard -- especially when they drowned the sumo wrestler in the pool because they (6 gaijin) couldn't fight him (6 against one) successfully in the padded dohyo.

At first I was shocked that the Olympic swimmer would bet his Olympic Gold medal on winning the races against the 2 brothers, but when he saw how goofy and uncoordinated they were, he knew he had nothing to worry about.

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When I was young in America, baseball season was a holy thing.  At the end of the World Series in October, there was a vast void of time before the beginning of the season in April.  People would mark the number of weeks until Spring training in late February.  Coaches and players spread out across the country, speaking at local meetings or sports conventions, and in winter trades between teams would cause frenetic conversations among the baseball fanatics (this was known as the Hot Stove League).  If there was no news during this period, people would get a little loopy and engage in bitter verbal battles about trivia.

I've felt that way about Sumo over the last year.  The traffic gets so low on the Forum between basho that I try to log off every night so I don't get caught being the only one signed in.  It has gotten worse over the last six months .  I now think it may be the lack of jungyo between basho; having something going on and seeing the sekitori having fun and meeting the people is something I've really missed during the two-year you-know-what.  Maybe we can expect more jungyo from here on out.

Sorry for the ramble, but I jusr realized I'm watching a bunch of skinny doofuses jumping on a sumo wrestler (and doing 100 m in a swimming pool in a canoe against an Olympic swimmer.)

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