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Sumo on Youtube

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Attempting to create a post to serve as a repository of links to various Sumo related channels on Youtube. I intentionally chose not to include links to channels that feature copyrighted material (everyone reading this forum knows where to go to watch sumo anyway). Please add posts with any additional Youtube channels to make this list more complete.  The list is alphabetized rather than listed in any sort of rank order. 

Chris Sumo - Daily uploads filmed on location at each basho; news recaps
Inside the Dohyo - Sumo news digest
Sumo Prime Time - Hiro Morita's official channel
Sumo Stew - Documentary type videos on various topics of interest to the author
World of Sumo - Sumo news digest

Asakayama Beya - Official channel
Gaga's Channel - ex-Gagamaru's channel
Japan Sumo Association Official Channel - NSK's official channel featuring interviews, practices, and more; mostly Japanese but occasional English subtitles
Japan Sumo Federation - Official channel for Japanese amateur sumo
Konishiki's World - Mostly Japanese with some English; random assortment of videos covering sumo, cooking, entertainment, etc.
Minato Beya - Official channel


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Some Japanese channels I regularly check/download completely, with what I usually post as spectator videos of recent events

Lotusmeister user/lotusmesiter

MyJetSetLife (super HQ videos), she seldom misses an important extra event user/MyJetSetLife

Tokyo Crusader user/crusader19750310

Shide Kou user/shinzx


lost quality a bit recently, a Hattorizakura fan channel that e.g. used to post maezumo in the past: user/mexicansportsindian

Only half of it about sumo, but good quality: Tokyo Channel channel/UCc6tAGDP8hszbUeVrtubE3A


I have dozens of other channels on my list, also lower quality, amateur sumo, older channels no longer in use etc.

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