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Tanabata wishers

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It’s Tanabata and time to write down your wishes. The rikishi's wishes were posted on the Dolphin's Arena's (where the Nagoya basho is held) front entrance, in their own handwriting.

Terunofuji "Please let me get through the 15 days safely"

Takakeishou:  "Yusho."

Shoudai "Escaping Kadoban."

Mitakeumi : "4th yusho."

Tochinoshin "World peace."

Chiyotairyuu "I want a Rolex Daytona!"

Ichiyamamoto: "Hachiyamamoto (8 yamamoto instead of 1-yamamoto, alluding of course to the eight wins he needs for a kachikoshi..)

Akua: "I want to eat as many sweets as possible.."



Chiyotairyuu's Rolex wish:


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