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Japanese TV Shows and Movies

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I thought we could do with a general topic on Japanese TV Shows and Movies.

These don't have to be sumo related.

Mostly interested in those which you are watching or have watched.


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I'll kick it off with a show I'm watching at the moment [between bashos]

Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni   君と世界が終わる日に

So far this is turning out to be one of the best TV series I've seen. Well worth a look.


A brief synopsis: Mamiya Hibiki works as a car mechanic and lives with his girlfriend Ogasawara Kurumi. Hibiki makes a plan to propose to Kurumi. On the day he will propose to his girlfriend, he slides off a tunnel and becomes trapped. 4 days later, he is able to escape, but he faces a different world. There are no people outside, the traffic system is destroyed, and there are bloodstains on the streets. What happened to the world? Hibiki tries to find Kurumi.

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Taiga drama - NHK's historical weekly drama, this year Kamakaru-dono no 13nin, about Minamoto_no_Yoritomo,the shogun that started the Kamakura bakufu dailymotion/鎌倉殿



Chiko-chan ni shikarareru dailymotion/チコちゃん

Award winning NHK show - sometimes with information about sumo - from a locked topic:


the very popular Chiko-chan ni shikareru "Don't sleep through life" show checked what the people know about the origin of slippers: hardly anybody knew that slippers were introduced (they even claimed invented) in Japan to allow the foreigners enter Japanese rooms with their shoes on:  maybe the last place to keep this original tradition is on the dohyo - sumo again as preserver of cultural heritage

On 27/12/2019 at 20:45, Akinomaki said:

Today Chiko-chan as usual scolded the people on the panel who didn't know enough - today also about sumo. After sumo maybe the best program on NHK, and now both together: the focus is on the time schedule of the basho day - how to have it end at 18h - actually the aimed for scheduled end is 17:55h. An expert from the sumo museum explains details and history of the schedule, and Shibatayama the techniques to control the schedule bout per bout.



NTV's Shoten bilibili/笑点, also frequently about sumo

On 01/07/2020 at 11:03, Akinomaki said:

And then there is Shoten, at the climax time when sumo is on - Shoten ogiri regularly uses joke material from sumo, in the past it was published on the net google/search?q=相撲+力士 sho-ten

On 02/01/2020 at 13:50, Akinomaki said:

Yesterday Hayashiya Kikuo paid a visit to his (rating) enemy sumo - Shoten's TV ratings drop on Sundays during the basho (they are on the last 30 minutes of makuuchi). He was at Takadagawa-beya,  watched keiko of Ryuden and Kagayaki, and competed against 4 rikishi in an ogiri (the shoten main rakugo part), for which Shodai and Shohozan joined. Shohozan won on the contest of wits


Kikuo on his Kikukin TV YT channel now posted rakugo sumo, sumo of wits: 【名勝負数え歌】 【Meishobu: great bouts - kazoe-uta: the Hakkeyoi rikishi/oyakata sumo PR song is also a kazoe-uta】 とんち相撲  KIKUKIN場所が開幕! the Kikukin basho has opened

that's about what I'm watching at the present - and everything that's sumo related in the shows I mention in my program announcements

Edited by Akinomaki

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On that subject  I recall Ryomaden and Taira no Kiyomori.

Can't recall what year they were

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