Preparations of the masses- July 2022

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11 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

Which one?


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1 hour ago, Kaito said:

Nice copyright trap. Onosho also doesn't face Nishikifuji or Nishikigi in the first 2 days.

Should have read "looking forward to facing his good friend Nishikifuji this basho." No copyright trap, just screwing up more and more day by day.  There is no copyright to infringe upon, as I am translating stuff. Well, attempting to anyway. Sorry about that. And Scott has full permission, he's a nice guy -too bad  I let him down as well..

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Abi had 7 bouts at home today, facing Makushita opponents and going 5-2.  He is facing the Yokozuna on day 1 (unless he isn't..). "It's the Yokozuna- he is technically better and stronger than me -  strategy won't help much. All I can do is hit with all my might, and do my best to take advantage of anything that comes my way. I will not give up till the end," he said.  He got his makekoshi on the final day last basho. "Of course, part of it is that I'm not stroganoff, but my opponents have got me figured out. I need to change something. I'm going in too high," he added, checking out old videos of ex- Chiyonofuji and ex-Kisenosato who also went in high to see if he can learn something from them. 

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