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Natsu 2022 day After pics overview

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Morning after online press conference

202205230000349-w200_0.jpgo4.jpgo   20220523-OHT1I51057-N.jpgo 20220523-OYT1I50074-T.jpg?type=mediumo 20220523at29S_t.jpgo 20220523-OHT1I51076-N.jpgo

YDC with the new female members on the corners, NSK on the right


o 202205230001239-w200_1.jpgo 202205230001239-w200_2.jpgo

YDC head Koumura at the press conference

202205230001199-w200_0.jpgo 202205230001199-w200_4.jpgocac9ea8735e7eec93d7059fd5207cc19-375x450.jpgo

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