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2022 Collegiate Sumo + Banzuke

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1 hour ago, Katooshu said:

Here's a rough go at college rankings with 2022 finished - I stopped at 22 spots because after that it becomes very difficult to find enough separation for each spot and I'd instead have to place competitors in broad tiers.

Rankings are based on my impression of each competitor's ability + results for the year. 

1/East Yokozuna: Daiki Nakamura, Nippon Sports Science University, 4th year, 193cm/175kg

2/West Yokozuna: Naoya Kusano, Nihon University, 3rd year, 184cm/160kg

3/East Ozeki: Choijilsuren, Nippon Sports Science University, 4th year, 185cm/145kg

4/West Ozeki: Masaki Hanaoka, Nihon University, 2nd year, 182cm/135kg

5/East Sekiwake: Ryoma Ishizaki, Nippon Sports Science University, 4th year, 173cm/125kg

6/West Sekiwake: Shun Ikeda, Kanazawa Gakuin University, 3rd year 183cm/135kg

7/East Komusubi: Masaharu Goshima, Takushoku University, 2nd year 176cm/165kg

8/West Komusubi: Shoma Yamazaki, Kinki University, 3rd year 177cm/165kg

9/Maegashira 1e: Taiki Mita, Kinki University, 3rd year 172cm/110kg

10/Maegashira 1w: Shion Fujisawa, Kinki University, 4th year 175cm/110kg

11/Maegashira 2e: Mantaro Haruyama, Nihon University, 4th year 180cm/135kg

12/Maegashira 2w: Ryusho Kawakami, Nihon University, 2nd year 184cm/110kg

13/Maegashira 3e: Demidejamutsu, Doshisha University, 4th year 193cm/130kg

14/Maegashira 3w: Bucheroon, Nippon Sports Science University, 2nd year 180cm/115kg

15/Maegashira 4e: Ryusei Shiroma, Nihon University, 4th year 180cm/160kg

16/Maegashira 4w: Yasuhiro Omori, Kanazawa Gakuin University, 1st year 184cm/110kg

17/Maegashira 5e: Shojiro Tabata, Nippon Sports Science University, 4th year 173cm/100kg

18/Maegashira 5w: George Matsunaga, Takushoku University, 3rd year 180cm/160kg

19/Maegashira 6e: Daiki Mikami, Toyo University, 2nd year 193cm/150kg

20/Maegashira 6w: Odofu, Toyo University, 4th year 180cm/160kg

21/Maegashira 7e: Mura Sarukawa, Tokyo Agricultural University, ?, ?

22/Maegashira 7w: Taisei Kitano, Kinki University, 3rd year, 178cm/100kg

By my count, Nakamura went 104-9 over his final 2 years in college, and finished number 1 by miles. Not only did he win win win, but most of his matches were complete blowouts. Until Nakamura, no collegiate rikishi had won more than 2 major titles (those granting MsTD entry) since Kotomitsuki 25 years ago - Nakamura ended his college career with 5 and was 1 win away from sweeping the 3 major titles in his final year.

The next few spots were harder to decide and feasibly could have a few different orderings. In the end, small but plucky Ishizaki's inability to win a tournament ended up putting him below the others for me, who were consistently good and also captured some impressive gold in 2022. Out of this group, I enjoy Hanaoka's sumo the most - silky smooth skills with excellent throws - and with his 3rd and 4th years to come he has a great chance of capturing a major title.

I'd say the next tier would be the 6-12 group, who on their day can beat pretty much anyone and had many good results during the year, but not quite at the same level as the higher ranked competitors. Bulldozer Goshima and Wakamotoharu-ish Kawakami (brother of former sekitori Ryuko) are still only in 2nd year, and look to have serious potential to move into the top few spots in the future, though I don't get that same sense from the others.

From 13 down we get a mix of solid competitors who aren't major yusho threats at the moment but could feasibly make top 8s and 4s. It's important to note that Omori is still just a first year, and has shown the potential to move much higher up this list. Bucheroon may as well if he adds some beef and aggression. Mikami is coming off an impressive 3rd at the All Japans, but most of the year looked overpowered vs better competitors and still hasn't convinced me he's future top tier stuff.

Finally, there were some notable competitors who don't appear anywhere here due to injury. Kazuma Kawabuchi of Nihon University was arguably the #2 in all of college in his 2nd year, but injury kept him out of action most of this year and he only returned for a couple matches in November. He should be good to go for his final year in 2023.

Dalai, a Mongolian on Nippon Sports Science University, was a strong 6-12 range competitor but he had a similar fate, and only returned from a long injury spell this year, making the top 16s of the student championship as his best result.

Wow thank you for this huge work and for your incredible reactivity to my request. 

 Mura Sarukawa is 3rd year from what I have read and seen.

Could you please do the same for High School Sumo if you have the time and the same expertise? 

By the way, don't you think that the level this year in High School is clearly lower than the previous years? 

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I know less about the high school scene, but still enough to give a run down of the top competitors. I can do that a bit later...

I agree, the level in high school this year isn't particularly good, arguably the weakest since I began following around 8 years ago. There are some handy competitors, but Sosorufu's the only one who consistently strikes me as having elite ability - just wish he'd grow a bit more.

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Thanks !

I have the exact same impression. Except for Sosorufu, none of the top competitors seems to me to have really elite skills. Even the top competitors like Narita or Takayama seem to have holes in their sumo. Of course, we can't predict the evolution of these youngsters but for the moment none of them seems particularly dominant and ready to climb the Ozumo rankings at express speed as others did before them.


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