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Hatsu Basho 2022 Best Match Poll 1 - Preliminaries

What were your best matches for Hatsu 2022?  

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  1. 1. Please select your Best Technique Match (select up to 3)

    • Day 1 Hoshoryu vs Chiyoshoma (sotogake)
    • Day 2 Ishiura vs Sadanoumi (shitatenage)
    • Day 3 Meisei vs Ichinojo (yorikiri)
    • Day 9 Ishiura vs Tsurugisho (shitatehineri)
    • Day 10 Ishiura vs Kotonowaka (shitatenage)
    • Day 10 Akua vs Kaisei (kekaeshi)
    • Day 11 Terutsuyoshi vs Yutakayama (makiotoshi)
    • Day 12 Endo vs Kiribayama (uwatenage)
    • Day 13 Ishiura vs Oho (shitatehineri)
    • Day 15 Midorifuji vs Kagayaki (katasukashi)
    • Day 15 Wakamotoharu vs Akua (yoritaoshi)
  2. 2. Please select your Best Upset Match (select up to 3)

    • Day 2 Meisei vs Takakeisho (tsukiotoshi)
    • Day 3 Ura vs Takakeisho (oshitaoshi)
    • Day 6 Tamawashi vs Terunofuji (tsukiotoshi)
    • Day 10 Hokutofuji vs Mitakeumi (oshidashi)
    • Day 12 Onosho vs Mitakeumi (hikiotoshi)
    • Day 12 Meisei vs Terunofuji (katasukashi)
    • Day 13 Nishikawa vs Ryuden (hikiotoshi)
    • Day 14 Abi vs Terunofuji (oshidashi)
  3. 3. Please select your Best Fighting Spirit Match (select up to 3)

    • Day 1 Terunofuji vs Daieisho (hatakikomi)
    • Day 3 Meisei vs Ichinojo (yorikiri)
    • Day 3 Nionoumi vs Ichiki (yoritaoshi)
    • Day 10 Tochinoshin vs Shohozan (tsuridashi)
    • Day 11 Mitakeumi vs Shodai (yorikiri)
    • Day 12 Ichinojo vs Takarafuji (yorikiri)
    • Day 14 Hoshoryu vs Shodai (yorikiri)
    • Day 15 Chiyonokuni vs Kotoeko (okuridashi)
    • Day 15 Abi vs Kotonowaka (hikiotoshi)
    • Day 15 Ichinojo vs Tochinoshin (yorikiri)

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  • Poll closed on 21/03/22 at 06:59

Recommended Posts

Hi everyone! We are finally getting the polls out for the Hatsu basho 2022 best matches. We will find out here what the community thinks were the best matches of the Hatsu basho this year. This first poll is going to be the preliminaries and we'll cut down the candidates down to five for each of the following categories:

- Best Technical Match (Gino-Sho)
- Best Upset Match (Shukun-Sho)
- Best Fighting Spirit Match (Kanto-Sho)

Please make sure that you submit your answers to each of the questions. You can select up to 3 matches that were your favorite in each of the categories (the forum poll doesn't limit choices, so this will be an honor system). 

I apologize for taking so long, and we are right about to start the Haru basho, so this first preliminary poll will go from today until senshuraku of Haru 2022. After that we will move into the finals to determine the Best Match for Hatsu 2022!

Thank you for participating in the polls!

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