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You can hear the boys whooping it up in the background.(Osh...)


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18 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

Well, the wait for Naruto's first sekitori is almost surely over; their SNS is about to start exploding with omedetōs anytime about now?

Context: Ōshōma just went 7-0 from Ms8e; promotion all but assured.

I think we can say it's assured. There's at least one unquestionably open spot, and nobody would have a stronger claim.

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Oshoryu 6-1 at Ms27, should get him back to his usual range after taking a dip in the rankings. Hopefully he's better prepared this time. His amateur career was good enough that if he doesn't make sekitori it will be a big disappointment. 

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Natsu record for Narutobeya rikishi, and expected positions for next basho; "CH" = Carrer high rank:

Name              2022 5             rec.      2022 7(?)         CH

Oshoma          Ms8e              7-0       J9                     Ms4

Oshoryu          Ms27e            6-1       Ms10               Ms7

Hoshuzan       Ms57w           5-2       Ms40               Ms41

Mishima         Sd15e             6-1       Ms38               Ms56

Sakurai            Sd21e            0-0-7    Sd81                Ms57

Mukaida          Sd32w           3-4       Sd48                Sd2

Oshoumi         Sd36e             0-0-7   Sd96                Ms7

Murayama      Sd40w            3-4       Sd54                Sd40

Marusho         Sd49e             2-5       Sd72                Ms31

Honma            Sd52w            3-4       Sd65                Sd52

Kawamura      Sd63e             3-4       Sd77                Sd55

Oshozan         Sd83e             2-5       Jd12                 Sd56

Anzai               Sd88w            4-3       Sd70                Ms36

Hokuozan       Jd37w             0-0-7   Jd110               Ms35

Yamane           Jd89e              0-0-7   Jk16                 Jd8

Kanazawa       Jk8e                4-3       Jd70                 Jk8

Oyamada        Mz                   0-0       Jk?      

Comment:  Unlike in some recent basho, the top rankers did the best for Natsu; the top four all received >4 wins, none of the rest.  Even Anzai's 4-3 at Sd88 feels like a losing record, when he should be shooting through Sandanme on the way back to mid-Makushita.  Kanazawa did a respectable 4-3 in his first outing against a crop of high-test newcomers.

When will the four kyujo rikishi return?  Hokuozan (ex-Hagiwara) is off his crutches and moving around in the heya according to recent photos.  He's 24 (college grad) and maybe doesn't have time for another multi-basho drop if he's hoping to make sekitori.  And, have Forum members picked up any word about Oshoumi, who was knocking on the door of Juryo six months ago?

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