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Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Hatsu 2022

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Posted (edited)

Day 14

Both off-ballot rikishi Hokutoiwa and Akisada fell to MK at the final hurdle, removing Tsuchinoninjin from contention. In their exchange bout Atamifuji defeated Kotoyusho to leave the former with KK and the latter with MK, so ryafuji was out as well. And lastly, Asanowaka secured his KK in the first of two opportunities to cause Rocks to drop out of the race, too, leaving Hakuryuho as the last man standing. Congrats! It's Hakuryuho's second yusho in the last four tournaments, following up on his previous victory in Nagoya 2021.

Tsuchinoninjin finishes doten runner-up with the same points total, but a playoff loss to Hakuryuho on the 7th bracket, Kanno's KK. As it happens, he found himself in the same unfortunate situation just two months prior in Kyushu as well.

With all decisions already in the books, the Hatsu LKS finished one day early. The final standings:

Day 15:
13/13 Decisions, TB 14
Pos Player Pts TB
1 Hakuryuho 11 13
2 Tsuchinoninjin 11 16
3 Athenayama 10 14
3 Rocks 10 14
5 Profomisakari 10 13
6 Asashosakari 9 14
7 chishafuwaku 9 12
7 Holleshoryu 9 12
7 ryafuji 9 13
10 WAKATAKE 8 14
11 Jejima 8 16
11 Tameiki 8 12
13 Mmikasazuma 7 14

An unusually high number of five players picked up the bonus point for the correct tie-breaker guess. Hard luck for ryafuji, from yusho contender to makekoshi in one day.

The "new" ballot for Haru 2022 was:

 1. Terunofuji     17
    Kotoyusho       7
 2. Mitakeumi       7
 3. Atamifuji       7*
 4. Abi             6
 5. Asanowaka       6
 6. Kanno           6*
 7. Tomokaze        6
    Kaishinmaru     5
 8. Tanji           6
    Nagata          5*
    Shodai          4
    Bushozan        4
 9. Kamito          5
10. Fujitoshi       5*
11. Tatsukaze       5
12. Moji            5*
13. Kototaiki       5**
14. Tatsuguchi      5*
15. Sadanoumi       4
16. Kitanowaka      4

Edited by Asashosakari
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Posted (edited)

Scores for banzuke purposes:

Hakuryuho 12 (11+Top)
Tsuchinoninjin 12 (11+Top)
Athenayama 11 (10+TB)
Rocks 11 (10+TB)
Profomisakari 10
Asashosakari 10 (9+TB)
chishafuwaku 9
Holleshoryu 9
ryafuji 9
Jejima 8
Tameiki 8
Mmikasazuma 8 (7+TB)

Total: 126 / 13 = 9.69 ---> -2 wins

The banzuke for Haru 2022:

Asashosakari (Ye 8-7)    Y   ---
chishafuwaku (Oe 7-8)    O   Tsuchinoninjin (Ke 10-5 D)
Rocks (Se 9-6)           S   Athenayama (Sw 9-6)
Hakuryuho (Kw 10-5 Y)    K   Profomisakari (M2e 8-7)
ryafuji (M1e 7-8)        M1  Sakura (M1w kosho)
WAKATAKE (M2w 7-8)       M2  Holleshoryu (M4e 7-8)
Tameiki (M3e 6-9)        M3  Ryoshishokunin (M3w kosho)
Jejima (M4w 6-9)         M4  ---

Sadly, we're down to one yokozuna again. Mmikasazuma's three consecutive absences (first one kosho, next two 0-0-15) left her with only one shot at kachikoshi to avoid being forcibly retired, and she fell well short of that. I hope we'll see you come back up from unranked status soon!

Next up on the agenda was Athenayama, who seems to have a knack for presenting tricky post-demotion cases. A year ago it went like this:

On 30/01/2021 at 22:44, Asashosakari said:

Athenayama got demoted from ozeki for the Hatsu banzuke, and his result proved a bit tricky to score. In the end I determined that a jun-yusho one point off the winner's score was sufficiently strong to merit immediate repromotion, even with just a converted 9-6 record. (I have previously not awarded repromotions to a 9-6 third place two points off the winner, nor to an 8-7 jun-yusho that was also two points off.) As this game does not and will not have a fixed repromotion rule, this should - as always - not be considered binding precedent.

It's 9-6 again, it's one point off the winner's score again, but this time it's not jun-yusho. Given the high frequency with which players are putting up promotion-worthy results in LKS, I feel I have to be harsh and disallow the repromotion this time around. Sorry about that.

Speaking of promotion-worthy results, Tsuchinoninjin's back-to-back yusho-doten scores easily cleared the bar for that, even from komusubi. It's in fact the third LKS ozeki promotion directly from K, although the other two were back in 2011 and 2012. He joins incumbent ozeki chishafuwaku, kadoban after his Hatsu MK.

Meanwhile, yusho winner Hakuryuho unfortunately got stuck at komusubi due to an utter lack of other candidates to put there, but rest assured that not being sekiwake will be no more of a hurdle with the right follow-up result than it was for Tsuchinoninjin just now.

Edited by Asashosakari
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