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Guess Hokutofuji's Aite - January 2022 edition

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I forgot to send good vibes to Hokutofuji the last two days and not only was I wrong, but Hokutofuji lost.  I sense a pattern. 

15. Myogiryu

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Final results:

I would have loved to announce the first ever zensho yusho in this game for Yokozuna Sakura on her birthday, but along comes the evil Kyokai and spoils it all with their first win. Still, a yusho is a yusho, and with the historical best record and all sansho to boot - happy birthday! (Applauding...)(Holidayfeeling...)(Bandplaying...)

Sakura (Y1w) 14-1
Gurowake (Y1e) 12-3
Reonito (YOe) 12-3
Oshirokita (S1e) 12-3
Hakuhonofan (K1w) 10-4-1
Jakusotsu (K1e) 9-6
shimodahito (M2w) 9-6
Jejima (M1w) 8-7
Profomisakari (S1w) 7-7-1
WAKATAKE (M1e) 7-6-2
Seiyashi (M3w) 7-8
Andonishiki (bg) 7-5-3
Ryoshishokunin (M3e) 1-0-14
The Kyokai (M2e) 1-14
sahaven111 (M4e) 0-0-15
chishafuwaku (YOw) intai

Hokutofuji's aites: 1. Onosho, 2. Endo, 3. Hoshoryu, 4. Chiyoshoma, 5. Abi, 6. Takarafuji, 7. Ura, 8. Tamawashi, 9. Terunofuji, 10. Mitakeumi, 11. Meisei, 12. Shodai, 13. Daieisho, 14. Kiribayama, 15. Terutsuyoshi

Sakura (Y1w) 14-1 (Yushowinner...)

Gurowake (Y1e) 12-3
Reonito (YOe) 12-3
Oshirokita (S1e) 12-3

Sakura (Y1w)    14
Gurowake (Y1e)    12
Reonito (YOe)    6
Oshirokita (S1e)    6
Jakusotsu (K1e)    6
Hakuhonofan (K1w)    6
WAKATAKE (M1e)    6
shimodahito (M2w)    6
Seiyashi (M3w)    6
Andonishiki (bg)    6
Profomisakari (S1w)    5
Jejima (M1w)    5

Sakura (Y1w)    1
Reonito (YOe)    2
Oshirokita (S1e)    2
Hakuhonofan (K1w)    2
Gurowake (Y1e)    3
Profomisakari (S1w)    3
Jakusotsu (K1e)    3
Jejima (M1w)    3
shimodahito (M2w)    3

Sakura (Y1w)    5
Gurowake (Y1e)    4
Reonito (YOe)    1
Oshirokita (S1e)    1


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Many thanks to Jakusotsu for looking after the game.

A big congratulations to dai-Yokozuna Sakura - and a happy birthday too.


Gurowake (Y1E 12-3 (Secondprize...))  Y1 Sakura (Y1W 14-1 (Yushowinner...))
Reonito (YOE 12-3 (Secondprize...) YO  chishafuwaku (YOW Intai (Danpatsu-shiki...))
Oshirokita (S1E 12-3 (Secondprize...)) S1 Profomisakari (S1W 7-7-1)
Jakusotsu (K1E 9-6) K1 Hakuhonofan (K1W 10-4-1)    
WAKATAKE (M1E 7-6-2) M1 Jejima (M1W 8-7)
The Kyokai (M2E 1-14) M2  shimodahito (M2W 9-6)
Ryoshishokunin (M3E 1-0-14) M3 Seiyashi (M3W 7-8) 
sahaven111 (M4E Kosho) M4

Andonishiki (bg 7-5-3)

KK line: 10-5
OQ line: 13-2

Yusho:  Sakura (Y1W 14-1)
Jun-Yusho: Gurowake (Y1E 12-3), Reonito (YOE 12-3), Oshirokita (S1E 12-3)

Shukunsho: Sakura
Kantosho: Sakura
Ginosho: Sakura

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New banzuke for March 2022

Sakura (Y1W 14-1)  Y1 
Gurowake (Y1E 12-3)  YO  Reonito (YOE 12-3)
Oshirokita (S1E 12-3) S1 Hakuhonofan (K1W 10-4-1) 
Jakusotsu (K1E 9-6) K1  Profomisakari (S1W 7-7-1)
shimodahito (M2W 9-6) M1 Jejima (M1W 8-7)
WAKATAKE (M1E 7-6-2)  M2  Seiyashi (M3W 7-8)
The Kyokai (M2E 1-14) M3  Ryoshishokunin (M3E 1-0-14)
sahaven111 (M4E Kosho) M4 Andonishiki (bg 7-5-3)

chishafuwaku (YOW Intai)

We are sorry to see the intai of Yokozuna chishafuwaku, and wish him well in his future career as a TV colour personality.
Dai-Yokozuna Sakura continues to impress.
Reonito achieved a Jun-Yusho (but somehow fell short of Ozeki Quality sumo!), which is a great improvement from the previous basho, and so the pressure has been eased.
With back-to-back Jun-Yushos, Oshirokita will be considered for promotion to Ozeki with Ozeki Quality sumo - or another Jun-Yusho or better - in March .

Edited by Jejima
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back on the banzuke ;)

the only way is UP !!

Congratulations to Sakura, stunning performance ! and Happy Birthday as well.


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Thank you everybody.

Terutsuyoshi cost me a win in bench (and sent me to MK) and spoiled the day here too...:-(

But I am happy with with a win nonetheless (Bigfish...)

Edited by Sakura
distracted first time
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