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Greetings All,

I am happy to be a part of the SF community now and look forward to getting to know you all and hearing how you came to enjoy this sport that we all love so much. I have nobody in my life who shares my passion for sumo (though my wife tries to watch somewhat enthusiastically with me) so I can’t wait to have people to discuss it with.

Kaio made me a fan of ozumo back in about 2011 and I have been hooked ever since. While I obviously enjoy watching current sumo, I am fascinated by sumo’s rich history and love studying the sekitori of the past and most of my favorites are from long before I started watching sumo.


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Welcome to Sumo Forum!  We look forward to your contributions.  I know what you mean to not have people in your life to share your passion for sumo with.  My husband has a casual interest but nothing more.  He liked Hakuho and Harumafuji a lot but now that they're gone, his interest has really dropped off.  I have a friend in Japan I occasionally correspond with who is a sumo fan and that helps.  I have been ridiculed more times than I can count, even by family members.  My close friends have tried to be tolerant but they have grown weary of my attempts to win them over.  It's so hard to overcome people's stereotypes.

Your interest in sumo predates mine.  I became a fan in March 2013 when we signed up for TV Japan.  This satellite channel broadcasts the Makuuchi division live for 2 hours every night during each basho plus 30 minutes of highlights in the afternoon.  Ironically, it was my husband who kept calling me over to watch the highlights.  I watched reluctantly at first and was slowly drawn in.  We didn't know the names of any of the wrestlers.  Curiosity about the kensho drove me to the Internet where I found a wealth of information about sumo.  When I saw a photo online of Hakuho with 8 attendants and after watching him in the ring, I was hooked.  Then I was able to find out Harumafuji's name and after watching him in the ring, I was further hooked.  Then I shocked my husband by staying up all night on the last 2 days so I could see who won the Yusho.  By the May 2013 basho and ever after, I was staying up every night for the live broadcast (from 2:00-4:00 AM).  My poor husband realized he had created a monster!  lol  And then came a lot of self-education about the rules, kimarite, history, and a trip to Japan to watch the 2014 Aki basho (and meeting Hakuho).   One thing I have learned is that sumo is endlessly fascinating!

I'm looking forward to reading about your impressions of rikishi from the past.  Again, welcome!

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Welcome aboard Lauren.

Chuck in your salt and join the fray.

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