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Game 21 Pre-Banzuke Animation

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Game 21 is a pre-Basho game that asks participants to pick the winners of 21 potential Basho bouts. The list is established right after the Banzuke publication and picks can be submitted until Friday before Shonichi.

This "Pre-Banzuke" animation has one clear objective: getting more players to play this easy and fun game by keeping it more visible on the forum.

So, here it is . We invite you to share with us on the forum THE bout that you would really like to see in our next list. There is no guarantee that we will include it and we ask you to accept two restrictions:

1) No bout including the Yokozuna.

2) No bout with two Rikishi that will be ranked at Sekiwake or above.

Hoping that you will find the idea entertaining and that you will join en masse for the real game.

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