Shohozan - the show goes on! (Veteran's poll 2022)

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  1. 1. Will Shohozan retire in 2022?

    • He will retire in Jan/Feb 2022
    • He will retire in Mar/Apr 2022
    • He will retire in May/Jun 2022
    • He will retire in Jul/Aug 2022
    • He will retire in Sep/Oct 2022
    • He will retire in Nov/Dec 2022
    • He won't retire in 2022
  2. 2. How many kachi-koshis (8-7 / 4-3 or better records) will Shohozan get in 2022?

  3. 3. What will be Shohozan's *best* record in 2022? (excluding any bashos in Makushita or below.)

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Shohozan is the oldest sekitori (a rikishi ranked in either Makunouchi or Juryo). He will be turning 38 in February.  (He's about nine months older than Tamawashi, the next oldest.) 

In 2021, he had three KKs and three MKs. His lowest rank was J8W, and his highest rank was M17W. His records for 2021 ranged between 4-11 and 10-5.

He will probably be ranked around J5 on the January 2022 banzuke.

Is 2022 the year to get his haircut?

Please include your predictions (be as precise as you can!) in the comments below. :-)

Please also include in your comment your guess for either

a) Shohozani's rank on the January 2023 banzuke  


b) Shohozan's final banzuke rank before he goes intai in 2022

(These might well be used as a tie-breaker!)


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He did great last basho and was back in makuuchi this time, so I think he will stick around for another year. J6e in Jan 2023.

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He'll give juryo two more basho until he either drops all the way out of juryo or it becomes obvious he's not getting back to makuuchi. He'll retire either after the banzuke comes out in April or when the May basho turns against him.. Best record is no better than 5-10, so no kachikoshi.

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Shohozan is going to stay and be scheduled to start 2023 on the bottom rung of Makuuchi.

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Three-quarters of us think that this will be the year for Shohozan to retire - with the majority thinking in the first two months of the year.  However, he has picked up a few wins in the first week of the first basho, so that is looking less likely now - but you never know....

Over half of us think that he will get zero KKs this year! So quite a bleak prediction for him.

A big spread for the predicted best basho record. Those going for 3-12 or worse could be out of the reckoning tomorrow - or any other day of the second week!

Will there be a Shohozan poll for 2023? Stay tuned!

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We can close this poll, with the sad news of Shohozan's intai. (Danpatsu-shiki...)

Churaumi was the only player to correctly predict the correct time in the year.

Shohozan had no KKs this year, as correctly predicted by slightly over half of 'voters', including Churaumi.

His best record was his 6-9 at J3W, back in January.  This was predicted by just_some_guy, Kintamayama and Shatsume. All three of these also predicted that Shohozan would have no KKs this year.

Churaumi was one off (5-10) with the prediction for Q3. 

Shatsume was 'two off' with the prediction for Q1, but  just_some_guy and Kintamayama were both 'one-off', so are still in contention. Let's look at the comments for the possible tie-breaker....

just_some_guy came closest with the final prediction - but it was almost identical to Kintamayama's - and his retirement prediction was way-off.

Looking at Churaumi, it seems that he was expecting Shohozan to have retired at least a month earlier - and to have dropped to Makushita by now....

So, it could be argued that Kintamayama actually came closest to the intai date....

Hmm, there are good arguments for all three to be considered the yusho winner, *but* I think I am going to award it to @Kintamayama (Yushowinner...) for being the closest over all in all categories, with Jun-Yushos to @just_some_guy (Secondprize...)and @Churaumi (Secondprize...).


But I accept that this yusho might be a little controversial.... (Zabutonflying...)

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The 6-9 in January slowed his fall enough that he did spend one more basho in juryo than I expected. Still, I shall enjoy this junyusho and polish my crystal ball more so I can gambarize next time a long-time sekitori circles the drain too slowly.

Edited by Churaumi
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