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RotoSumo Hatsu 2022

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Both of our new Ozeki, Konosato and Chishafuwaku, were a few points short of a KK and will be kadoban.

Flohru did more than enough to get the promotion to Ozeki that he barely missed last time.

Sakura returns as Sekiwake and has over 20 wins the last two tournaments as thus needs only 10 for Ozeki promotion.  Andoreasu moves up to Sekiwake from Komusubi and has the same promotion scenario.  Norizo returns to Sekiwake after being demoted from that rank last tournament, and without a KK in the previous tournament will not be up for promotion.

Oshirokita falls from Sekiwake to Komusubi and Kaito has the next best maegashira record, and with the size of Sanyaku already at 8 I did not feel the need to promote any more Komusubi.  The top of the maegashira ranks are a bit crowded, yes, but the next best maegashira records were not particularly close to how good I'd like them to be to force additional spots.

The Makushita median was quite a bit lower than the Juryo median, over two step sizes, so I gave an additional 4 slots to Juryo rikishi when comparing them to Makushita rikishi.  The Makuuchi and Juryo medians were close enough such that only one additional slot was used.

Konosato(Ow, 7.47 wins) O Chishafuwaku(Oe, 7.32 wins)
Flohru(Se, 13.93 wins) O2  
Sakura(S2e, 8.8 wins) S Andoreasu(Kw, 10.83 wins)
  S2 Norizo(M3e, 12.25 wins)
Kaito(M8e, 12.15 wins) K Oshirokita(Sw, 6.92 wins)
Kutoyama(M1e, kosho) M1 Ganzohnesushi(M2w, 9.05 wins)
Athenayama(M2e, 7.53 wins) M2 Kintamayama(M6e, 10.93 wins)
Kaiowaka(Ke, 7.47 wins) M3 Mariohana(M7e, 9.97 wins)
Taka(M5w, 9.1 wins) M4 Choshu-yuki(K2w, 5.85 wins)
Kobashi(M12w, 11.8 wins) M5 Oskahanada(M6w, 8.69 wins)
ScreechingOwl(M10e, 10.07 wins) M6 Torafujii(M1w, 5.64 wins)
Anjoboshi(M11e, 10.12 wins) M7 Bill(J3w, 15 wins)
Gansekiiwa(J4e, 14.9 wins) M8 Shatsume(M16e, 12 wins)
Asashosakari(M14w, 11.24 wins) M9 Sutārokku(M9w, kosho)
Frinkanohana(M3w, 4.93 wins) M10 Golynohana(M13e, 9.1 wins)
Asapedroryu(M14e, 9.41 wins) M11 Terarno(M4w, 2.85 wins)
GONZABUROW(J1w, 10.43 wins) M12 Oyama(J5e, 11.77 wins)
Gaijingai(M4e, 0 wins) M13 Kuroimori(M9e, 4.93 wins)
Kyoju(M10w, 5.59 wins) M14 Joaoiyama(M8w, 3.71 wins)
Nantonoyama(M16w, 8.29 wins) M15 Pandaazuma(M5e, 0 wins)
Kitakachiyama(M12e, 5.95 wins) M16 Andonishiki(M13w, 6.61 wins)
Achiyama(M15w, 7.07 wins) M17 Sukubidubidu(M17w, 7.63 wins)
Kotononami(J1e, 7.7 wins) J1 Unkonoyama(M11w, 4.83 wins)
Fujisan(J3e, 9.24 wins) J2 Tomisakae(J7e, 11.03 wins)
Chankoyama(M7w, 0 wins) J3 Andrasoyamawaka(J10e, 12.27 wins)
Hakuryuho(M17e, 6.66 wins) J4 Oortael(J11e, 10.93 wins)
Reijinguoshan(J7w, 9.04 wins) J5 Saruyama(J8e, 8.84 wins)
Ketsukai(J2e, 5.71 wins) J6 Balon(J9e, 9.04 wins)
Hironoumi(M15e, 1.37 wins) J7 Shiroikumo(J5w, 5.86 wins)
Sherlockiama(Ms1e, 11.55 wins) J8 Ruziklao(J8w, kosho)
Kajiyanosho(J11w, 7.51 wins) J9 Kishikaisei(J2w, 0.6 wins)
Wamahada(J9w, 6.95 wins) J10 Kashunowaka(Ms1w, 10.19 wins)
Gaanaa(Ms4w, 11.55 wins) J11 Susanoo(J4w, 1.14 wins)
Metzinowaka(J6e, 2.19 wins) J12 Seki Haruaki(Ms3e, 9.84 wins)
Hagamachikuni(J13e, 7.33 wins) J13 Hidenotora(J12w, 6.66 wins)
Takanorappa(J6w, 1.79 wins) J14 Yeyisoshin(J14e, kosho)
TochiYESshin(Ms6w, 10.99 wins) Ms1 Unagiyutaka2(Ms2w, 8.76 wins)
Hogashi(Ms5w, 9.59 wins) Ms2 Kōrinokoishi(J12e, 4.17 wins)
Kyodaitimu(Ms2e, 7.12 wins) Ms3 Profomisakari(Ms3w, 7.85 wins)
Harmony(Ms4e, kosho) Ms4 Rowitoro(J10w, 1.14 wins)
Akishiki(Ms6e, 8.72 wins) Ms5 Arawaka(J13w, 3.92 wins)
KazeJihi(Ms7w, 8.79 wins) Ms6 BlackPinkMawashi(Ms7e, 8.23 wins)
Netsuzakura(Ms8e, 7.08 wins) Ms7 Next-ozeki-ura(Ms11e, 7.15 wins)
Jejima(Ms10w, 6.66 wins) Ms8 Yarimotsu(Ms8w, kosho)
Chelseayama(Ms9e, 5.86 wins) Ms9 Tsuchinoninjin(Ms17e, 9.35 wins)
Bens8382(Ms10e, kosho) Ms10 Chudorj(J14w, kyujo)
Zannah(Ms13e, 7.15 wins) Ms11 WAKATAKE(Ms11w, 5.27 wins)
Taliesin(Ms20e, 9.17 wins) Ms12 Furanohana(Ms12w, kosho)
Stusan(Ms12e, 3.98 wins) Ms13 Dannybo(New, 8.93 wins)
Shimodahito(Ms9w, 0 wins) Ms14 Tenshinhan(Ms5e, kyujo)
Veshana(Ms15e, kosho) Ms15 Haru(Ms15w, kosho)
Marushiki(Ms19e, 6.31 wins) Ms16 Mmikasazuma(Ms17w, 4.26 wins)
Musasabi(Ms20w, 5.62 wins) Ms17 Doreikishi(New, 5.86 wins)
OoSk(Ms18e, kosho) Ms18 Randomaru(Ms19w, 2.97 wins)
The Chosen One(Ms13w, kyujo) Bg  
Splism(Ms14e, kyujo) Bg  
Chumsinomaru(Ms14w, kyujo) Bg  
Sanjuroku(Ms16e, kyujo) Bg  
Araiguma(Ms16w, kyujo) Bg  
Hibarifuji(Ms18w, kyujo) Bg  
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KK as J1e not enough for promotion. 

Bad Banzuke luck. :-|

Anyway thanks for the work.

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