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Which team ?

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Hello, masters..
Do you know the team name of this wrestler?
I thought he was from the business team or something with that mawashi.

Thanks for your attention. :) 

Link :

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The team is Maguchi, an Osaka transport company. His name is Iwami and he went to Nihon University before doing corporate sumo. I don't know what he's up to lately, but as of 2017-ish he was still pretty handy, reaching the top 16 of the All-Japan Championship and best 8 at the Corporate Championship. In 2018 Maguchi made the semifinals in the team competition of the latter event.

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Oh, thank you very much for the information I really appreciate that. I am learning Nihongo in my college and finally they presented about sumo (Wanpaku, Interhigh, etc).
I know some teams in the corporation / business (etc.) from the mawashi like Japan Airlines, Nippon Express, Aisin, etc. But I don't know that one with 'M'sign.
I also have some conversation with Suguro Ibuki-san, and feel so interesting especialy about his very long struggle. (Showingoff...)

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