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New recruits Haru 2022

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For Dewanoumi-beya after a 20 year blank of new recruits from Hokkaido for the heya: from the sumo club of Hokkai Gakuen Sapporo high, Kengo Wakasa (likely:) 若狭謙吾 (18, 172cm, 85kg). He started sumo properly in 6th grad primary school. This spring he had an experience stay at the heya, where his forward looking, frank and cheerful character was appreciated and he was allowed to join the heya (not all heya take any Japanese youth who wants to do sumo). The connection to the heya comes from his father being acquainted with a koenkai executive: same year at school.

Wakasa: I have no anxiety. I want to put my effort into keiko, without trying to hurry it. I want to do my best (gambaritai)

The oyakata: First of all getting used to the life in the heya. When he puts real effort into keiko, he'll get strength.

His results

2 times runner-up in Hokkaido prefectural tournaments with weight classes, 2020 in the up to 80kg class, 2021 the 100kg class

The oyakata was at the school on the 18th, on the left the headmaster

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